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Friday, 29 August 2008

Lunch and a Ghost Story..

Had lunch with an old friend at the Latest Recipe Restaurant (if I’m not mistaken it was formerly known as One on One) at the Le Meridien, in Sentral. It was a long-time-no-see and when-was-the-last-time-we-had-lunch-together lunch, which was wonderful!! After the usual how are you and how is work questions, we inevitably started talking about MY work life ! hahaha I only realised how bad it was for me when I said “Hey, what do you think it’s like when the highlight of my day at work is Where/When are we going for Morning Coffee/Lunch/Tea” ? OMG I never realised that was how pathetic it had become for me. I’d been feeling a bit dead lately, and not keen to go to work in the mornings. In fact, I actually have a big task of dragging myself out of the comfort of my bed/bathroom/bedroom/house every morning. My friend was shocked as I was known to be someone who was at work by 7:45am (I used to be the one to open the fire doors in the morning) and the last to leave (and close the fire doors behind me). Thinking of which, if there was no camera to record the visitors at the entrance, no one would know that the fire doors aren’t shut at night if I didn’t do it !

As to how late I usually stayed at work, I even remember this one occasion when I had an ‘encounter’ – I was working very, very late at night and all alone – was the only one there on my floor. I heard a cough somewhere near the copier, but I knew there wasn’t anyone else in the office. As the copier was next to the stairwell, I dismissed the sound as probably coming from a security guard making his rounds. I checked the time, it was getting close to the midnight witching hour. I still had a bit to do, the MD wanted it before 6am so he could start work on it (no kidding !!) So I just went on working on my report. Then I heard it again. This time, the cough was closer, like somewhere in the cubicle in front of mine. Checked the time again on my desk clock, 1:30am. Oh well. I had WORK to do, didn’t I ? 2:00am and the cough this time was next to my left ear !.. My hands froze. Hmmmm, how now, brown cow ? Oh well, feigning bravado (funny thing is, I had no visible audience hahahah), I said out loud, “Ok, Ok… I know it’s late and that I should get myself home, but I do have work and Bala is waiting for this, and it is important!! Just let me finish this tab and I’ll pack up after.” So I feigned work a bit (can you honestly work any more ? hahaha) shutdown my laptop, calmly put it in my backpack, cleaned my desk of papers I don’t need, walked over to my Manager’s room, switched off her lights and printer which I was using, locked her room door, switched of the lights at my place, walked out through the training room, switched off those lights and the ones at reception, walked out the glass door (coolly, mind you), shut the fire doors, walked down the corridor to the other fire door, went through that, and RAN LIKE HELL !!! I think if the whatever was watching me, he must have laughed his head off (or any other part of his body that is still there, that is).

I have had other encounters similar to that while working in different areas of that office, but this was the funniest. One thing I felt (or is it just me :P ) is that the whatevers are harmless. They have never had any bad intentions towards me – they have been rather cordial and friendly – keeping me awake, reminding me to go home etc. So my take on it is that I have been lucky that none have ever harmed me (well, maybe one had bad interntions but respected when I scolded…). They are there whatever they are and they share our space. Maybe it was just their way of letting me know that they want THEIR quality time hahaha

Oh where was I ? I went off at a tangent !! A large one ! Well it’s my blog, and I obviously can choose to write about whatever I want, yes ? Okay to recap my lunch, I was asked to consider if I would like to join my friend instead of fattening my behind at whatever I was doing now. But of course it has to be agreeable and acceptable both ways. The idea of me joining has to be presented to both our respective Managers (the Ops manager and My Darling Sweetheart hehehehe) and also must be a win-win accomplishment (I want to go for my December holiday and that is when work is expected to peak !!) So we’ll see how it goes, should know by next week on the outcome.

Wish me luck ? :D

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Ouching day

Woke up with a bad throat today. Feels sore. After a bad night where I couldn’t sleep, I figured something like this would happen. My left thigh hurts too, when I walk or even sit. My eyes are heavy and warm on the inside. All the aches and pains seem like a sign that there’s more to come ! Oh well, after the soaking that I got yesterday, I suppose this is expected. I just hope that when Ramadan actually arrives, I will have no problems.

Got news yesterday about my old work-place getting eaten up by Infosys, a huge India outfit. They are buying Axon CASH… read about it here or just Google “Axon Infosys” and you’ll get at least a dozen more news articles. Had lunch with some of my old friends from Axon yesterday and as things go, they’ll just wait and see what else will happen. It was a good lunch with them at the Thai restaurant, and since they graciously exclaimed “Eh, you are so much thinner now lah ?!” upon first chance of meeting me, I decided to pay for their lunch !! Ha ha ha

At the same time, I met a few other old friends from the same place.. great to see them. Linda, who decided to shop for groceries while her car was being cleaned, and a couple of others. One who had just got engaged on 08.08.2008 (Congrats Neeza, sorry I couldn’t be there with you on your special day) and a lovely surprise in the form of Nur Iman Irdina (I hope I spelt that correctly) who officially reverted to Islam on the same day ! Wonderful news and I pray that she will find the solace she seeks and that Allah will continue to guide her and her beloved family.

No pictures, unfortunately, as they girls were looking a bit forlorn with the news and probable uncertainties that life just might present for them in the future. I thought it would not be good form to publish pictures of them when they are not expecting to look their best..

oh well. that's life.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Gemini Trail

Finding out Robert Ludlum was a Gemini, I went looking for a few more, and hopefully one that shared my birthday. I did a Google search and one of the sites that came up was this one --

I can't believe this.. of the many famous Geminis listed below, not as many were born in the month of May compared to June. Of that small amount, only one shared my birthdate.. ONE ! and it has to be a political person at that ! I don't much fancy myself being in polictics, more of the drama queen.. obviously would prefer toshare my birthday with an artiste or a celebrity :D But then again, how many in that line would actually declare their birthdays ? ha ha ha So go on and enjoy the names below on some famous Geminis. I'll post some others that I can find lower down..

Famous Gemini People

Well-Known Personality Of Gemini Horoscope

Date Of Birth

Famous Gemini

Date Of Birth

Famous Gemini

22 May 1970
23 May 1933
24 May 1819
25 May 1969
25 May 1963
26 May 1907
27 May 1923
28 May 1968
28 May 1944
29 May 1903
29 May 1917
30 May 1964
31 May 1965
31 May 1930
01 June 1926
01 June 1973
01 June 1982
01 June 1926
02 June 1941
03 June 1926
04 June 1975
05 June 1956
06 June 1955

Naomi Campbell
Joan Collins
Queen Victoria
Anne Heche
Mike Myers
John Wayne
Henry Kissinger
Kylie Minogue
Rudy Giuliani
Bob Hope
John F. Kennedy
Wynonna Judd
Brooke Shields
Clint Eastwood
Andy Griffith
Heidi Klum
Justine Henin
Marilyn Monroe
Stacy Keach
Allen Ginsberg
Angelina Jolie
Kenny G
Sandra Bernhard

07 June 1981
07 June 1917
07 June 1940
08 June 1925
08 June 1983
08 June 1976
09 June 1961
10 June 1965
10 June 1921
11 June 1939
12 June 1924
13 June 1953
14 June 1946
14 June 1969
15 June 1964
16 June 1938
17 June 1946
17 June 1980
18 June 1942
19 June 1962
20 June 1949
20 June 1967
21 June 1935

Anna Kournikova
Dean Martin
Tom Jones
Barbara Bush
Kim Clijsters
Lindsay Davenport
Michael J. Fox
Elizabeth Hurley
Prince Philip
Christina Crawford
George Bush
Tim Allen
Donald Trump
Steffi Graf
Courtney Cox
Joyce Carol Oates
Barry Manilow
Venus Williams
Paul McCartney
Paula Abdul
Lionel Richie
Nicole Kidman
Francoise Sagan

I took this from the same site... obviously luuurrrvvvvvvvve the Positive Characteristics description :D

Positive Characteristics Of Gemini

Intellectual, Witty, Inquisitive, Intuitive, Affectionate, Courteous, Kind, Generous, Honest, Social, Eloquent, Brave, Humorous, Leadership, Broad-Minded, Diplomatic, Lively

Negative Characteristics Of Gemini

Temperamental, Fickle, Boastful, Quarrelsome, Arrogant, Devious, Manipulative, Two Faced, Argumentative, Restless, Childish, Indecisive, Nervous, Insensitive, Inconsistent, Cunning

Ideal Careers For Gemini

Acting, Comedian, Teacher, Debater, Broadcaster, Travel Agent, Sales Person, Diplomats, Authors, Poets, Journalists, Lawyers

Gemini Ideal Partners

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Gemini Compatible Signs

Gemini, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius

Other famous Geminis
and not forgetting
-- May 25, 1927 - Robert Ludlum

May 24, 1944 - Patti Labelle - Singer
May 24, 1955 - Roseanne Cash - Singer
May 25, 1567 - Claudio Monteverdi - Composer
May 25, 1803 - Ralph Waldo Emerson - Writer
May 25, 1899 - Gene Tunney - Pugilist
May 25, 1898 - Bennet Cerf - Writer
May 26, 1867 - Queen Mary - England Royalty
May 26, 1920 - Peggie Lee - Singer
May 26, 1948 - Stevie Nicks - Singer
May 26, 1923 - James Arness - Actor
May 27, 1878 - Isadora Duncan - Dancer
May 27, 1907 - Rachel Carson - Scientist/Activist
May 27, 1911 - Hubert Humphrey - Politician
May 27, 1911 - Vincent Price - Actor
May 27, 1922 - Christopher Lee - Actor
May 27, 1923 - Henry Kissinger - Statesman
May 27, 1937 - Louis Gossett, Jr - Actor
May 28, 1908 - Ian Flemming - Writer
May 28, 1934 - The Dionne quintuplets - Famous Children
May 28, 1944 - Gladys Knight - Singer
May 28, 1947 - Sondra Locke - Actress
May 29, 1903 - Bobe Hope - Comdian
May 29, 1917 - John F. Kennedy - American President
May 29, 1958 - Annette Benning - Actress
May 30, 1474 - Albrecht Durer - Artist
May 30, 1908 - Mel Blanc - Cartoon Voices
May 30, 1964 - Wynona Judd - Singer
May 31, 1898 - Norman Vincent Peale - Clergyman
May 31, 1923 - Prince Rainier III - Royalty
May 31, 1930 - Clint Eastwood - Actor
May 31, 1943 - Joe Namath - Sports Figure
May 31, 1950 - Gregory Harrison - Actor

Friday, 22 August 2008

Reading again

Have resolved to start reading again. So am starting with my Bourne book (yup, same one, bought it wayyyyyyy back, I know.. I know... :P ) and then to follow up with my other new book (ha ha yes I bought another one !) Criminal Minds : Killer Profile. I enjoy the TV Series, I assume the book should be better !

Have here the synopsis of the books, from Barnes & Noble ( . Also included the bio of the writers. Robert Ludlum is one of my more favoured writers, let's see how Eric Lustbader (does rhyme with Darth Vader, heh) fares in the continuation.

Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Betrayal by Robert Ludlum (Created by), Eric Van Lustbader, Robert Ludlum

Two months after Jason Bourne's second wife has dies, he learns that Martin Lindros, his only friend in the CIA, went missing in Africa where he was tracking shipments of yellowcake uranium. After Bourne finds him, Martin returns to the U.S., but only after he persuades Bourne to go to Odessa to penetrate the clandestine world of terrorist money men there.

In Odessa, Bourne is hampered by confusing flashes of memories. He becomes convinced that they're false, but who planted them and why? And how can he function if he can't rely on his own memories? Eventually, Bourne figures out that the man he saved in Africa isn't his friend but a double, a terrorist intent on sending Bourne off on a wild goose chase while he himself steals U.S. intelligence and uses the information to coordinate an attack against a major U.S. city using nuclear devices.

The double, continuing to pose as Martin Lindros, orders a world-wide sanction against Bourne. Now, Bourne must fight off attempts on his life, track down uranium, and stop terrorists from launching an even more devastating attack against the U.S.


Robert Ludlum was the author of 21 novels, each a New York TimesThe Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum—he was the author of The Scarlatti Inheritance, The Chancellor Manuscript, and The Apocalypse Watch, among many others. Mr. Ludlum passed away in March, 2001.

Author biography courtesy of Random House, Inc.


Robert Ludlum

Also Known As:
Jonathan Ryder and Michael Shepherd

Date of Birth:
May 25, 1927 (Heyyyyyyy.... he's another Geminian !!!)

Date of Death
March 12, 2001

Place of Death
Naples, Florida

B.A., Wesleyan University, 1951

Criminal Minds: Killer Profile by Max Allan Collins

An elite team of FBI profilers is called in to help Chicago detectives investigate a series of bizarre murders. Though all are violent and disturbing, the crimes seem unrelated—until profiler David Rossi makes the connection. He recognizes each grisly tableau as one modeled on the crime scenes of three of the country's most notorious serial killers: David Berkowitz, Ted Bundy, and Jeffrey Dahmer.

Someone is taking the cult of true crime to terrifying extremes, and with so many killers left to emulate, Rossi wonders how he can possibly profile a killer who's hiding within the killer profiles of others...

Biography: Max Allan Collins (taken from

Max Allan Collins is the author of the Shamus Award-winning Nathan Heller historical thrillers. His other books include the New York Times bestseller Saving Private Ryan and the USA Today bestselling CSI series. His comics writing ranges from the graphic novel Road to Perdition, source of the Tom Hanks film, to long runs as scripter of the Dick Tracy comic strip and his own innovative Ms. Tree. Collins is also a screenwriter and a leading indie filmmaker in his native Iowa, where he lives with his wife, writer Barbara Collins, and their son, Nathan.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

My Plant's first Bloom ! and my (not-so-actually) new wind chime

Oh Happy Day... My plant bloomed it's first flower ! A white one. Am not sure what it's called LOL - anyone has an idea ? I think I know, but I'm not going to risk embarrassing myself ha ha ha

Another windchime added to the small garden.. Have 2 now, this one is a bit louder. Got this one from Living Cabin too. They have a quite a bit of good garden stuff there. This chime has a little Grocery Store as the top bit.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Subway dinner

Since the children forgot that they had to dress proper for the golf course (collared shirts, no jeans) we ended up hitting balls at the driving range. Did 300 for all - The Girl and Adik was just too lazy. Surprised that Abtief asked for another round, apparently unhappy with his swing. So we shared the last 100.

After that we headed for the Subway Restaurant nearest to the house. I had a craving for Honey Oat with what ever filling ha ha ha but I had the Club. And so... the bill came to as follows.... but it was worth it as we finished every bit. I'd rather go for Subway over McD anytime.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Soda nak ikut !

Getting ready to leave for work this morning. I opened my car door, and Soda runs in and settles himself on the 'look-out' point at the back... Had to coax him out, with a promise to take him for a ride in the evening. It was raining and I didn't have the time to take him for a ride before work.

Yes, I do talk to my cat, and yes, he understands, and yes, he does talk back !

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Pics from the 40th Anniversary event

Pics with my Dad, nephew, aunt, cousins, cousins and more cousins !

Saturday, 16 August 2008

The Feng Shui water fountain

Ever heard of a Feng Shui water fountain ? I loved this one the first time I saw it. Went all over town looking for it :) They had run out of stock. I found this one at the Mid Valley Living Cabin ! Yay !!!! Listed as RM105, but they had a sale so we got it at 10% off.

Now I have a water feature outside the house and one INSIDE as well :) It's so soothing to look at and sits very nicely on the sideboard. It doesn't sound loud but I already have the aquarium's water flow providing the sound of water in the house.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Andra and The Backbone - Sempurna

My Sweetheart usually comes to mind when I sing this.. or is it the other way around ?

Kau begitu sempurna
Dimataku kau begitu indah
Kau membuat diriku akan slalu memujimu

Disetiap langkahku
Kukan slalu memikirkan dirimu
Tak bisa kubayangkan hidupku tanpa cintamu

Janganlah kau tinggalkan diriku
Takkan mampu menghadapi semua
Hanya bersamamu ku akan bisa

Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku
Lengkapi diriku
Oh sayangku, kau begitu
Sempurna... Sempurna...

Kau genggam tanganku
Saat diriku lemah dan terjatuh
Kau bisikkan kata dan hapus semua sesalku

Janganlah kau tinggalkan diriku
Takkan mampu menghadapi semua
Hanya bersamamu ku akan bisa

Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku
Lengkapi diriku
Oh sayangku, kau begitu
Sempurna... Sempurna...

Kau genggam tanganku
Saat diriku lemah dan terjatuh
Kau bisikkan kata dan hapus semua sesalku

Ungu - Tercipta Untukku

Love this song. The lyrics are beautiful..

Menatap indahnya senyuman diwajahmu
Membuatku terdiam dan terpaku
Mengerti akan hadirnya citra terindah
Bila kau peluk mesra tubuhku

Banyak kata yang tak mampu
Kuungkapkan kepada dirimu...

Aku ingin engkau selalu
Hadir dan temani aku
Di setiap langkah yang menyakiniku
Kau tercipta untukku

Sepanjang hidupku

Aku ingin engkau selalu
Hadir dan temani aku
Di setiap langkah yang menyakiniku
Kau tercipta untukku

Pasti waktu akan mampu
Memanggil seluruh ragaku
Ku ingin kau tahu ku selalu milikmu
Yang mencintaimu
Sepanjang hidupku..

Durian oh Durian

I have always loved durian. Eaten fresh from the kulit, with santan and nasi, buat kuah pengat durian with santan and gula melaka.. Yum !! Also like durian ice cream and the cake variant. Teringat when I was about 7, went to my neighbour's birthday party. Came home gushing to Mum about how lovelythe cake was - durian cake ! Mum called up Auntie S and asked her for the recipe and baked me one - but I said it tasted different, and it wasn't the same one. Well it obviously was not THE same one !

Had some durian last night, Zahir wanted to eat the last one that we had and he got makcik to open it up. He finished the last piece just as Abtif asked for his ! Ouch.... And Adik said he had not had any either.. hee hee so told Zahir to drive out to the main road near the masjid to buy some more, and to ajak Tok to pick. Off they went and brought home 4 big ones. And he returned me the Rm50 I had given him - Tok belanja durian tonight!

2 of the durians were still young, kulit still hijau and tak nampak pun the belah yet.. so it was the pisau for them. That's when i got my durian thumb - got poked by the thorn of the big one. My bad - i should have 'smacked' the torns down earlier before attempting to open any of it.. but the durian flesh was yummy ! no 'gas' though, these were the siamese variety. The Malaysian ones would be more 'gassy' = yummy ! So Bapak had his fill of durian with rice - made some santan for him and he added a sprinkle of sugar to go with it. And malam ? He cannot tidor because too 'panas' hahaha I made sure I had some water in the 'kulit' durian - put drinking water into the skin cavity where the durian flesh used to be, and drink the water. This is a 'petua' ( loosely translated as 'wise action as practiced by the elders and handed down as advice') for reducing the heatiness in the body caused by eating durian.

Monday, 11 August 2008


I'm craving for a Baskin-Robbins sorbet,
in Rainbow..

and probably add some Manggo to make it even more fruity

I seriously need a pick-me-up !

Saturday, 9 August 2008

From Our Heart to Yours

Happy 40th Anniversary - Ayah Pa and Wan Fuziah

Got them this as a gift for their anniversary. I had a pretty gold-coloured card with a single heart swirl motif on it to go with the box of pretty cupcakes. In my haste I forgot to get a pic of the box all ready with it's gold ribbon and card on top.. I had written in the card "From our heart to yours, Happy 40th Anniversary !" and then on the envelope "Selamat Pengantin Lama" hee hee couldn' resist that..

Look at the cuppies - pretty are'nt they ? I commissioned Fuzzy to bake the cuppies, decorate and arrange them in a heart pattern - I actually re-arranged the heart when I added a layer of cake board to stabilise the base, and funnily enough when I put back the cuppies, there were 3 reds left over... So I put 2 in the 'garden' area, and then the single one left - got eaten by one of my boys ! I only know they were chocolate cakes, and lovely butter cream (licked my fingers after the re-arranging haa haa..) Taste - I don't think my boy was a good commentator - he just said "MMMmmmmmmm!" oh - if you want to have a taste of Fuzzy's cupcakes, go visit her blog - I have it listed under my Friends in Need.

The night was wonderful - most of the family was there. Everybody was all over the place greeting aunties, uncles and cousins. The children were having a ball as usual as nobody really minded them running around. After all it was a family event ! I wish I could post pics of the event, at least mine.. I'll have to wait for the official photographer to publish them somewhere first. Soon I hope, I can't wait to see my posed 'naturally candid' shots :)

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Conversation with my little ones - 2



(*shrilly as usual*) Uncle Kennnyyyyyy....! Why do you always wear a hat ?



Why do I always wear a HAT ?! Hmmm.. Why DOES Uncle Kenny always wear a hat ? (**errr... sunny day ? makes me look cool ?**)



I know.......!!! because... (*voice drops down to fake whisper*) you're..... b a l d d d d ......!

Thank God that came from the mouth of babies.

Thank God the Baby is one of Uncle Kenny's favourites.

Thank God that Uncle Kenny knows the Baby so well and can expect such things to come from him.

Thank God Uncle Kenny knew that Mummy who was standing there looking shocked had no idea this was coming !!

Thank Uncle Kenny for understanding and putting up with us every weekend...

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

I never asked for this

Why must we have to keep painful secrets ?

Why must we have our own skeletons in the closet ?

Why must we hurt in silence ?

Why must we endure all this pain ?

Why must we go through all this sadness ?

Why must we tolerate all this pressure ?

Why must we be calm in the face of all this tumult ?

Why must we be sensible and deal with all the introduced mayhem ?

Why must we understand all this confusion ?

Why must we be victims of other people’s blunders ?

Why must we suffer all this just to grow into better people ?

Why am I required to seek professional help in order for me to cope with the stress from all the problems that I never signed up for in the first place ?

Why ? WHY ? W H Y ???

Monday, 4 August 2008

These Boots are Made for Walkin' !!

I went home tonight and got a very pleasant surprise - my knee-highs arrived a day earlier than anticipated ! I ordered it via Desmond of Nethill (look him up under - he's got more stuff there) last Thursday and it only took a couple of days for delivery. I've ordered books off the internet, and only recently tried anything more intimate (read that as requiring a proper fitting if you ever buy it from the Mall!). So far the ones requiring 'fitting' were usually a bit larger than expected. So I'm sure you can imagine that I was rather apprehensive at what my next purchase adventure would be like ! I was willing to take a chance because the price offered were extremely reasonable to me..

Here's a picture of the boots I got off the internet. It's clearer than the pics I took myself, and I don't want you to miss the detailing in the front...

The corset lacing detail at the front of Aerosoles sumptuous Martial Part tall boots is sure to draw some admiration.
  • Nicely cushioned footbed
  • Full side zip entry for easy on and off
  • Heel: 2-¾”
  • Height: 14-½”
  • (got that description off the SierraTradingPost site)

    Some of the reviews have also listed them as Sexy Wear-Anywhere shoes.. It is really comfortable and I got it in black (it also comes in brown, apparently, but not where I got them from). The seller was selling it at a steal on the internet, for something in suede. They were in great condition and is very obviously new. It's in suede but with some synthetic lining, can be a bit warm but who's complaining ! My only grievance would be the pointy heel, I prefer thicker squarish heels that provide a little bit more base, but these 3" ones are comfortable. I can't wait to wear them to work (and show them off.... ha ha ha ha). This pair is actually very similar to a pair I'd bought at Matalan in Staines around 2004-2005. Same style, in black suede, pointy front with a little bit of "cut-off" design, but minus the lace-up detailing. I'll post a picture of that pair hopefully soon, even if the heels are rather scuffed and worn as I even wear them when driving.

    I tried them on the moment I got home last night (obviously couldn't wait) - having worn the scuffed pair earlier. So switching to these were great for a fashion shoot as I can see exactly how it looks with my skirt! I did take a couple of pictures - here they are but rather blurry.

    I have been yet reminded again that I have not shown-off my collection in pictures... OK OK.. soon I hope ! I am a bit lazy to arange them all and then snap pics of them althugh I should do it in order to keep track of what I have. My collection of boots so far I think are numbering 11 with this one (not counting those that I have given away), but I can' t really be sure.... I really have to stock-take and do a proper count! So if you don't already know then... I simply love boots !!!

    I hope the pictures are clear enough that you can see the ribbon detail on the lace-up.. the ribbons are in velvet and they don't actually open up at all. It's really a for-show-only thing. So if you have rather heavy calves, these may not really be ideal for you as it has side zippers and can't really expand much more. Very calf-hugging.

    Next on my list - another pair of lace-up boots, this time on the back part of the calves. Any one has any idea where I can get them ? They have to be just about 3", can be pointy or square-toed, leather/suede, black preferred (I can still do dark brown) and most importantly.. less than RM120 !! Oh, that can be before postage and delivery....

    Look East - O'shima in the Hicom Area

    Went to lunch last week - I was craving for Japanese - nothing fancy though. There's this place (there were 3 actually!) around our workplace, and it was definitely catering to the large Japanese community working in the area, near the Shintetsu premises. The first one we went to looked really really really authentic, but I quickly noted a 'Non-Halal' printed on the menu, so we excused ourselves. They smilingly nodded understanding.

    We decided to go to the one on the corner - 'Oshima' - couldn't check out the middle establishment as it was closed undergoing repair work. The four of us - R, Naf, Rie and I had a marvellous time picking out what we wanted to have. R went with his usual Sushi Set (he's been there a few times). Naf decided to try the Salmon Teppanyaki ('Yucky' went his face when he found the veg too raw for his taste). Rie loved Udon and Tempura and lots of Wasabi - so however the Udon and Tempura tasted it did'nt really matter as the Wasabi kept him occupied enough. I had the Chicken Teppanyaki (or something !) and was a bit disappointed with it as it was salty ! Too much kicap cair methinks..

    what I had for lunch.. loved the Miso soup, but still too salty for my taste

    I would probably go there again - for the other menu !! Ha ha ha.. Imagine a Japanese restaurant - authentic la, of course - got real Japanese people serving you, Japanese cutlery, beautiful Japanese decor.. - and having an alternative menu of TOM YAM ! Go figure...

    You do have to give them some credit in respecting local tastes and flavours... or is it that the proprietors consist of people who married the two customs (adat) together when they took their vows ? I have heard of a lovely couple on the East Coast, the wife is a Japanese (nurse ?) and the husband is a Kelantan batik entrepreneur. They are living happily in a culture that they both love and will cherish. They do intend to ensure the cultures they have are lovely inheritances for their children.

    Conversation with my small ones - 1



    Mummmyyyy…. ? I think you better stop eating..!



    Why Sayang ?



    Because you are getting soooo fat !!



    (*passed the realm of insult*) Oh well, what can I do? I AM getting old you know !



    (*ever helpful with suggestions*) Maybe you can exercise !! Abah always say we should exercise !



    But Abah also said Mummy is going through the phase where it is difficult fror me to lose weight, no ?



    Soooooo I think my suggestion is easier.. Mummy just stop eating !



    Ok Mummy stops eating.. then ?



    Eh cannot lah, then Mummy will get tired and cannot fetch us from Kumon ! (*brilliant idea!*)



    I think I should resume going to the gym…



    Yes !! Yes !!, Mummy go to gym !!



    (*fake whisper*) and we can go ice-skating….



    But there’s one small problem… this has stopped me signing up at the Calif Fit gym …



    Apa tu Mummyyy ?



    Sekarang Mum call you from the office to remind you to do your homework, kan ? But when I get home, tak buat pun gak kan? I actually have to sit with you and only then you will start work…

    Adik and Abtif





    So now imagine, camner kalau Mummy pergi gym lepas work, and come home late… will you do your homework at all ?



    Mummy….. When can we go play Archery again ? *Blink blink* (*evasive manouver in progress*)

    Sunday, 3 August 2008

    And she strikes !.. not....

    Lovely sweet candies ? Hee hee the bowling balls we used..

    Tuesday night bowling with the children.. my first ever run after 5 years! We missed bowling with the guys from work, as we got there late – I had to go home get my trailer… Anyway, my target was to score 50 hee hee miserable figure, I know.. but I managed a final of 87 ! Woo hoo ! BUT come Saturday…….



    Uncle Kennyyyyy… we went bowling last night.. me and Abtif shared 5 throws each…

    Uncle K


    Ooh that’s nice ! Ok now, on with the warming up !



    Uncle Kennyyyyy… Abah said we cannot go bowling because of golf !

    Uncle K


    Ooops… now.... you bowled with your Left hand or your Right ?



    I’m right handed… so used my right hand lah !

    Uncle K


    You have to learn to use your left hand for this now on !



    Whyyyyyyyyy ?

    Uncle K


    Because it’s going to affect your golf swing, that’s why ! Your Daddy says you can’t bowl, well, at least not with your right hand, ok ?



    Maaaaa now we have to go practice with left hand ? Aiyooot that is sooo susah la Mama..

    Uncle K


    I started off with my right and averaged 195… After I took up golf I had to learn with my left, and now I average 193 with my left I’ll see you next Saturday for practice again Ok ?



    Bye Uncle Kennyyyyyy… Eh, Uncle Kennyyyy smoking is bad for your health! You are not supposed to smoke !

    Uncle K


    OK – we’ll cut a deal.. You don’t tell my wife I’m smoking and I don’t tell her how bad your swing was today, OK ?



    No fair ! I don’t know who your wife is and I don’t think she cares about my swing .. heee heee

    Ok so there goes my right hand bowling games. I joined the guys directly after work Friday and you wouldn’t be surprised that my games were terrible ! Not that they are great to start with anyway.

    We played 3 games –

    27 (with 3 consecutive ‘0’ points to start with),

    31 (with 4 consecutive ‘0’s)

    and closed the night with 17 (5 consecutive ‘0’s!).

    I took the children bowling again to try with our lefts and this time.. ha ha ha you should have seen the miserable faces ! The Girl was the most forlorn. She was soooo fed-up with the ball going down the drain not 2 feet from the line that she just dumped the ball then on. I did better this time round, although it was only the one game, scoring 56. Too bad I didn’t get a picture in time. We were having trouble with the lane all through out the game that when we ended and the guys next to us had the the same problem, the workers there went and reset our records instead!

    Ouch my left arm is aching and my left thumb is now bruised...

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