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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Bad Boots Day hehehe

Ha ha ha call it my Bad Boots Day since I can't complain about a bad hair day :D

Had a tummy ache this morning so was in a rush to get to work. Grabbed my boots and off I went. I noticed that it was odd that my brown Nine West's had a soft padding inside, but let it go. Got to work and ... tadaaaa !! I understood the reason ! Ha ha ha... seems that during lunch I'll have to go get another pair of shoes from the car. If there's none there (am driving my Sweetheart's S80 today).. well may just have to go get me a new pair of shoes ? Excuses Excuses !!

Monday, 17 November 2008

I need a hug :(

Haven't fully recovered from my kof kof session, now I've caught whatever it is the kids got :( Am feeling so down. My head hurts. My body's aching big time. I have a fever that has a mind of it's own and it's usually trying the best of me just when I have a ton of work to do. My temperature's gone up again and the antibiotic's not very quick this time. Oh well, what do you expect when I've gone throught the plethora and testing which I am or not allergic to !

So now this self-pitying sickly person is going to just shut up and hope for a wonderful - no, just a simple happy will do, actually - tomorrow 18th November 2008, with a fervent prayer that my beloved will not totally forget me on our special day...


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Winging it..

Have a new assignment, and got shipped out without really much notice ! New role, mad to have me in this role, man ! But I'm only whining, not complaining. Given this kind of work oppurtunity I wouldn't have been to dream of otherwise :)

My only grouse is that I don't have enough knowledge of the main modules that we're implementing, and that's the part that's killing me. Otherwise ? Love the challenge!!

Been told before that I deliver my best under unusual circumstances, and I'm definitely winging this one... Wish me luck !!

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