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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Lippies Beautiful

My invisible freind saw my pouch on the table in front of me and got curious...
He asked what did I have in there ? So I said.. "Oh the usual stuff.." "You mean what you always bring to the office ?" "Nope, this is my travel pouch" "Oh Ok... So, what DO you have in there then ?"

"A couple of lipsticks, among other things", I said. I took out my 'couple of lipsticks' and didn't stop there ! Ha ha ha.. my 'couple of' turned out to be 6! He must have thought I was a freak :) oh but then I'm a girl, so there's nothing weird there. Now, If I Was A Boy.. now that would be different, kan ?

So here's what I had today (and will be so for a few more months probably)

Clockwise From top:
Estee Lauder - Pure Color 142 Bronze Idol
Clarins - Joli Rouge 717
Clarins - Colour Quench Lip Balm 06
Estee Lauder - Signature 35 Rich Red
Clarins Lip Colour Tint- 02
Clarins - Joli Rouge 705 Soft Berry

Nice colours aren't they ? The invisible one commented "If THAT's how many you have in your travel pouch.. I don't think I want to know how many you have at home... Scary !" Oh well, to each his own !! Ha ha ha

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Long Time No See

Wow... it's been really long since I last wrote. So, what's been happening ? A real lot !

End November : Project went LIVE !!!! Oh great ! Finally. Although we have only just one more module a bit delayed, the others went ahead as planned. Next will be the support phases, now as I'm writing this, the Warranty period has lasped for the main mods. Only left is the single module, until mid March.

December Mid to End : went on a fantabulous holiday with the whole family. Daddy came along ;) that's where the 'fanta' came from in fabulous! Hu Hu It was a tiring round but lovely none-the-less. It was KL-Dubai-Tehran-Esfahan-Mashad-Tehran-Dubai-Paris. Spent a week in Paris- 4 at the Disneyland Parc,and 3 in the city. Then it was Paris-Dubai-KL for us and Paris-Dubai-Tehran-Esfahan for my darling. Pics ? Ada.. Banyak !!! but have plonked it my Facebook pages.

January CNY holidays : Went back to Taiping to visit Daddy and attend a nephew of hubby's (son of his cousin) weddin. That was on Sunday noon. By 4pm kiddies and I were all (Daddy included) happily story-ing away with my Atam on his island home on SukaSuka Pulau Dang Lang in Chenderoh ! Blissful 2 nights there of Kayaking, enjoying the water, marvellous food and family. There were unplanned family joiners - initially was supposed to be just me, kiddies and Daddy. Then Acik heard we were there, and decided to join 6-strong from Ipoh, and then Abang Long also decided to stop-over to see his Dad. They were 4-strong. All together that Monday night saw 4 generations of Haji Abdul Manaf on the island, with 14-people on board ! Now this one I have photos of, also on Facebook - but will post one of the family here :) Too bad Nyah's group couldn't join us there although they very much wanted to.

I got sun-burnt soooo bad from this lovely holiday. Although I'm not so bothered by the fact of how I look. The skin was still burning when I got back to work, so decided to soothe it with a Fruit of the Earth's Aloe Vera Gel that I bought. Unfortunately I am not partial to Aloe Vera, natural or otherwise ! I developed a very bad allergic reaction and my face was all puffed up and broke out. My arms and legs too suffered, pratically everywhere the gel was applied ! Oh well. So now I know better :)

Haji Abdul Manaf 4 gens - on SukaSuka Homestay on Pulau Dang Lang, Tasik Chenderoh, Kuala Kangsar

Post CNY : The mood to work still needs a little bit of boosting apparently.. Ha ha and plus the fact that the pace in the office is kinda slow, everybody's back from projects gone live and the place is again full of people ! and you can bet that laughter is everywhere... I got stuck at home on Thursday - haha my auto gate gave way and I couldnt get the car out to work. Luckily we could get one gate open, so the kids managed to get to school as usual when the driver came to pick them up. Me ? Worked from home the morning, until the specialist/consultant came to fix the gate and cajoled Rm480 out of me (it was already agreed actually). No, I don't usually keep a lot of cash with me, it's just that I dropped by the bank the night before to withdraw money to pay off my cred cards.. So a zoom-zoom off to work in a relatively jam-free environment.. Yahooo !

Today : Hmm Today. What has happened today ? Normal routine -
0900 hrs - KakDa and Atief go for their Taekwando session
1030 - Arief goes for his Taekwando session and KakDa and Atief come home from theirs
1200 - Fetch Arief.
1230 - Lunch
1400 - Mum sits to start composing idiotics on her blog :)

So the rest of the day will be spent mostly lazing/cleaning/lazing. I have the TV on and they're showing Taboo on Nat Geo, I suppose in conjunction with the upcoming Val's Day. This programme's about people and their loved ones who are serving time in prisons allover the world. But the stories are mostly of Westerners. Hmmmm.

Planning to watch Pink Panther 2 tonight at the TGV in Sunway. Have booked teh tix online. The boys say they want to come too, so we'll meet up there around 8:45pm. The show's on at 9:40pm. Tomorrow will be a lie-in... hu hu hu !

Now.. my eyes are getting sleepy. I hope I can put in a bit more in before I doze off...

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