Hello :)

not everything is as simple
not everything is as it seems
life is a merry-go-round
so, enjoy it with ice cream!

I write when I have time, and the inclination.  RIght now I'm into simple poetry, and I publish mostly on my Facebook Notes page.  I copy them back here to share with other friends who are not on FB. It's not that I wouldn't be writing feature-length horror stories any more (hahaha) but sometimes it's just easier to pen down rhymes - they express more and hurt less (ooops).

My writings are my own, especially my poems, and they are based on what my feelings and situations are at a certain point of time. Some are observations of; and in support for my closest and dearest friends and family.  I would expect that you respect my work for what they are and quote me duly.  If ever you do find the need to use any of my products here (really? that would be soooo flattering heehee) please do have the courtesy to let me know :)

My pages are undergoing some experimental changes, seeing what I like and trying to adapt them here. Bear with me if you find some missing links, as work is always in progress, especially if I don't come back here often enough to correct any slips.  If you know me personally, you will know how else to let me know on what's here and what should not be.

In the meantime, enjoy your stay :)

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