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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

good nite, peaceful nite

Emma Aman Shah on Monday, 21 February 2011 at 23:32

I haven't written for a while
But thoughts of you still make me smile
Remembering how, out of the blue
You'd send me out on an errand for you

Sometimes it'd be as simple as
Drop by pasar tani, get you lemongrass
Even if I had no intention of going
Refuse you I couldn't 'cos you needed it for cooking!

Either for masak pindang or asam pedas
It'll be something you do with zass
I'll always miss the asam pedas ikan merah
You cooked for me, soon as I'd jejak tanah

Knowing I'd wanted yours when I expecting
So far away when I was studying
You made it for me so I wont mengidam
Even though by then, the baby had come!

Oh memories of you make my heart sigh
The thought that already we said goodbye
I suppose the medication is partly to blame
Putting me in this state, making me call your name

There, of course, will be no answer
'Cos you are gone from me forever
But magically, some consolation for my heart
The bitter sweet remembrance of our being apart

Rest in peace, my darling sister
You were missed greatly by our mother
May she too rest in absolute contentment
I pray you both, together blessed in heaven

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