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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Salaam EidlFitr to all!

My rendang is ready (although it's halved this year - not due to the economic downturn but limited as to the size of my kuali (wok) hehehe), my baju kebaya(s) are ready... no the bags are not yet packed, but will be by tomorrow! Oooh, it's not just the children who are excited, me too, especially since my Sweetheart will be arriving home tonight. So KLIA, 9:30pm, here we come!! Tomorrow night will herald the arrival of our Pilot project, the Prototype :) another trip to the airport, LCCT this time - another sahur outside on the cards !

To all friends, family, colleagues, 'distant' friends (you know who you are)... whatever the differences we may have had are just that, differences. We are still similar in a whole lot of ways (I'm cool, you are too; I'm nice, you are too; I'm stubborn, well aren't you too? hehehe) THAT is why we do agree and also disagree on things. But they are just that. And should not be taken too much to heart. I know that I have removed a lot of the heartache caused by some stupid disagreements, simply because I felt that the heartache of losing a long-time dear friend is more painful, don't you think? So no matter who is/was at fault, let it slide. You and I were both right and we both deserved our air-time. Start fresh and keep a momento of the past as a memory for our future, to tighten our bonds even more. Hey, bottom line, my friend, I love you !!!

I will miss the ones who have left us.. may their souls be blessed with our continued prayers until our time to join them.

So after this sermon of mine on a Thursday morning (one day earlier than that of my usual), I wish all a happy holiday this season. Travel safe, enjoy the company of our family and friends. If you have to spend EidlFitri this year away from the homeland, please don't feel sad. It is in our hearts that we have each other, and that we take with us for as long as we live :)

Selamat Hari Raya EidlFitri to all !!

a not-so-recent family picture but this has us all nicely together :)

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Goodbye, Soda. RIP. Dec 2007 - 6 Aug 2009

Soda - I named him that when the children came up with numerous suggestions - I can't even spell them! - after we'd stopped at MacD's on the way home from Sg Besi. I got a Soda there and that stuck on him. He was not spayed, so we obviously had to content with his Spats and Sprays!

Soda was a poor sight yesterday, hardened tummy and tired. I checked on him last night and he wasn't too comfy, but he was still in a mood to growl when little Debot messed with his tail. I put him partially on an old towel in case he felt too cold on the terracotta and chatted with him while he was horizontal. Obviously got an earful from Mama, as always, on why had he not stayed home like Mama told him to bla bla bla. With insight from past not-so-comfortable similar experiences, I whispered to him gently that if he felt he needed to go that night, it would be okay with me. However, if he would like to wait a little bit more, then I will come home at lunch time to take him to the vet. He slept the night in the washing yard, peacefully I hope, at least with as much peace as little Debot would let him have.

Morning came with little Debot noisily calling at my door. Eh? I thought I locked them both at the back? I got a bit worried when when Soda was not on the towel I gave him. Trailing Debot, I found him on the floor in the bathroom downstairs. He greeted me with a small Meowww? and I asked back how he was feeling. Another small Meooowwwww and pointedly licked his lips. I got a bowl of water and put it next to him. He promptly got up to drink and looked a bit satisfied although still tired. Little Debot was surprisingly good company, only darting to play around my skirt, but sits quietly in the bathroom next to Soda when he's done playing. I had to leave for work, it was around 7:20am, the children had just left for school. I told Soda that Mama will come home at noon, so wait for me OK? A feeble Meow and I think it was a hint of a smile. The vet would only open at 11.

Took the DUKE and arrived home at 12. Good timing, I thought. No traffic. Straight in to look for Soda. Little Debot pounced on me anxiously when I opened the kitchen door, meowing furiously. Thought he was hungry, ushered him to his food bowl, instead he ran to the bathroom and waited. He was on his tummy next to Soda. And Soda was not looking good at all but still managed a small Meow. I spoke to him but he was too tired to answer back. I asked him for a small wag, he obliged with a tiny, tiny flutter of his tail. Mama's going upstairs to get you my kain batik, so I can wrap you in it while we drive to the vet, OK? I put Debot in the back - he was not too happy at being locked up. And off I went and got my red sarong. I wrapped Soda in it like a little baby - he loved it when he was small, cuddling in a sarong - and carried him out front to the car. I stopped short when I sensed something was so not right. Little Debot was wailing sadly high-pitched in the back, I could hear him through the back kitchen opening. I decided to just sit in front near the door and continued cuddling my Soda. He was getting ready to leave..... And that was how he did go, the same way I brought him home from Kalam's when he was small, he left at 12:30pm with Mama still cuddling him close.

My photo-loving model cat, battle-weary and tired, my little hero of the neighbourhood. You held your own against your adversaries, but lost to an unseen group of soldiers who attacked your digestion system. Life's never fair, I know. So sleep now, little one, there will no longer be anyone or anything to bother you. Mama will miss nagging you about your nightly adventures. Goodbye Soda, I know we will all miss you in our own little way.

In his prime! and a smile, to boot..
aaaahhhh... see all behind bullet-proof protection. driver ? let's move !
or this one, i think..?

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Innalillah, Yasmin Ahmad

Yasmin Ahmad, StoryTeller, FilmMaker.
You have touched so many people, so many souls, in so many ways that some may not even begin to comprehend.
The world will indeed miss you.
May your soul rest in Peace, and be blessed by Allah the Almighty.
Good bye, Yasmin, may your journey be forever more a peaceful one.

26 July 2009. Sunday 12:15am

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Really ? Maybe la kot..

Some one asked me recently, why is it that I have not been diligently updating my blog. Well, a lot of reasons actually. A lot of happenings, a lot of events, a lot of occasions, and definitely WORK. Someone did also ask me if I wrote only when I was unhappy. Well, maybe that could be true!

I tend to write more when I feel that I don't have anyone I can talk to I suppose. But I DO have a lot of friends (yes, they ARE friends, people whom I can call on even in the middle of the night - THAT kind) but sometimes I obviously cannot impose. They have their own things to do too, and they need their beauty sleep!

So a summary of whatever has been .. yeah I get ticked off for that too unfortunately! But this is all I can manage for now, so this is what I will write!

Debot - Little Gedebot or 'Deb' - he's a boy kitten so sometimes he's 'Debboy' to me - has grown quite well. Rather independent now, I must say. His mum started neglecting him a couple of weeks back and he used to cry a lot, but he's doing sooooo much better now. Got him his personal stash of Kitten Whiskas, but I guess Soda's Adult ones are still more attractive! Drinks a lot though, and can finish a tray of water in about 5 minutes. Don't ask me where it goes to....

Ninja and Boy, the turtles - Ninja's a girl and when we got back from Iran after 2 weeks, we were pleasantly surprised to see that Ninja had actually grown to triple her original size! She is now Huge.. well compared to Boy. And she eats. A lot. A WHOLE lot...

My reunion! It was brilliant! What more can I say? I think around 90 of us managed to make it to the function room of KClub in Melawati, and that was out of our original of 202 people. Is that fantastic or what? Well, 2 couldn't make it, if they did, I'm not sure what the reaction would have been... as they had left us earlier for the afterlife... I managed to get there late and fashionably missed my 'batch hunt' hit where they tried to guess who I was by the clues fed by the committee. I heard that the clues were kinda embarrassing, so I figure it was a blessing that I didn't get there on time! Wonder who won the prize for guessing, as somebody actually did guess correctly ! hahaha Well anyway, imagine 90 girls running around (madly) and greeting each other (excitedly), with Chilli Red as the theme of the event.. This was the 30th year reunion of the 1st all-girls batch of MRSM Seremban, the batch 79-83. 2nd Batch, 2nd Generation and proud to be Ansara! A lot of lost connections got re-established and memory lanes were casually strolled down. *Sigh*.... it was soooo good that we continued to have mini re-unions after that day. Not that we didn't have them before *wink* hahaha

THE W.e.d.d.i.n.g.... This happened last weekend, the 18th of July 2009. Which prompted me to write to my Mum to tell her all about it. Oh well, I have a lot to say but not much to say, all at the same time. It will take time from Denial.Com to get to Acceptance.Com.. the progress bar is still moving, no worries there, albeit slowly hahaha New member to the family which has old habits and even older members. Que Sera Sera. The next test will be EidlFitri. That will be another grand event, I bet! Oooh a mini-gathering will happen this weekend, at another wedding of some people from a generation more 'current' *grin* a cousin's daughter will be getting married this Sunday, and Dad and the Newbie will be arriving Saturday. And will put up in my house, no less. I wouldn't want Dad anywhere else, I still need to keep an eye on him *wink* oh babble babble babble, yeah Mum, I know. Either I talk about it properly or stop yapping with just vague unintelligible hints here and there. I'll do the latter. NOW. Thanks, Mum *hugeeeeee grin*

Durian party! Yes, we managed to have one last weekend, and I too managed to secret away one Durian just to make Serawa Durian! Mind you, no coarse white processed sugar in it, only Gula Melaka, a little bit of water, a pinch of salt and 2 packs of Santan Kelapa pekat! What, Low-Fat Santan? What are you talking about? *grin* Pure unadulterated yummy FAT and CHOLESTEROL... I must say I was very giddy after that.. So the Serawa was eaten with Roti Putih. I had bought 3 long packs from Tesco the day before and Dad went and bought One more long one as he only saw One hahaha. Oooh that was delicious. Atam had to abandon the cooking of the pulut to go with the Serawa as it was already half-gone even at the time of the idea! Durian, Rambutan, Manggis, Mangga (courtesy of Suhaimi and Mrs from next door) and some Mata Kucing I bought from Tesco. I'm not going to bother with explaining the Malay-oriented words I have used. If you can't undertand it, please do look it up in a dictionary. A bit too lazy to embellish.

So what next? My aspiring Pilot (wonder if that still applies) is leaving for Miri tomorrow to go back to school. He needs to finish up 2 more papers before he can move on to the next level. My Sweetheart will be flying back to Esfahan on Friday, and I am so-very-the-upset-one as I cannot send him to the airport as due to work commitments. KakDa's Phantom event will take place Friday evening - not that I'm good for anything except to fetch her after the show :) hey, Friday is still a work day! And then I have the weekend to look forward to, that will keep my mind off things a bit - Dad's coming over, both my Atams will be here, Saturday Golf Class, Atief's Reading Tuition, Adek's whining because he's bored when Atief's away at Tuition, Sunday Wedding event (ponteng the Taekwando again for the 3 young'uns). If all else is done, then I have to comfort myself in the fact that my friends update their facebook status every 5 seconds and the others will reply immediately as if they have nothing better to do, and I can read and follow and contribute on the numerous threads. Still, if all else fails, then I have my Farm on Farm Town!! heh heh heh

That pretty much sums it up I guess. I will probably just jump and plonk in bits of (useless) information from time to time. Depends on how stressful the story is ! Until then, no pictures for now :P

Monday, 20 July 2009

Mum, you would be proud soooo of me!

Dear Mum,

Am very sorry that I have not written for so long. Well you know lah, I prefer to “story” you directly, then I can add in all the sound effects and the drama gets better! But today I have to settle for just typing them down je lah. Not that I really have much of a choice anyway..

Saturday went quite well, I think, despite some misgivings. You will be proud to know that I behaved myself! And very well, I must say. Although there were times when I was really tempted to explode – who in their right minds would accept “Congratulations on your new Mum” when I already have one? New? Did we just buy her off a supermarket shelf or something ? You mean we can actually get NEW Mums? (I know that first-time mothers who had just given birth are called New Mums, but that’s a different story la kan) Hey, just because Dad has a new wife, that doesn’t automatically make her my NEW Mum. Hmm somehow it doesn’t sound right.. oh yeah, but I held my own and graciously replied with “Que sera Sera”….and a grin! I doubt that many would not understand that one, eh? Or understand it even.. hehehe

I took a really lonnnng time getting ready, dressing up for the event. Well, Dad wanted me to play hostess, as you know already, not that I kenal half the people there la kan, the people from the surrounding areas. Adik-beradiks I can do. Thankfully the ratio was like 1:10 with 10 being the number for adik-beradiks. Many of the family couldn’t make it, as coming from KL would be rather difficult and then nak balik pulak dah late night. Nak book hotel kat situ pun, you know lah the limitations kan. Dah la pulak Monday tu holiday, but Perak only! This part was where I was a bit sensitive when orang tanya.. eh apasal nak balik Ahad jugak? And I sweetly answered “Abis cucu kan semua kat KL.. Monday sekolah kan?”. And to the remark that “Laaaaa you look exactly like your Mum!” hehehe compliment tu, Mum, that made it pretty clear everybody remembers you, rest assured! Well, and THAT was also pretty much why I didn’t make an earlier appearance to greet the 400-odd guests! But then again, it DID too contribute to a much grander entrance hahaha.

I wore a black kebaya with gold-ish kerawang, with the gold diamond kerongsang, of course! Oh and kain batik with sequins (uggh. Yeah, I know, I know) Didn’t have time to ikat any of your batik lepas, I would have loved to have done that though. Then a lot more people would be shocked to see me (you). The kain batik that I wore was already sewn - I bought it ready made. I remember watching you ikat the batik lepas dulu whenever you were going out to a function with Dad.. the sanggul and then the kebaya pendek sulam. And how you used to scold me when I re-enacted you dressing up – doing up a French bun, pulling the sarong to tighten it and finally putting on the baju and the pins hahaha but you enjoyed my little dramas and over-acting, I know . Oh yes, before the baju was the eyeliner and lipstick. Last baru baju kebaya. And the corset-girdle or whatever it was called, too. I can only maintain the eyeliner – can’t leave, won’t leave home without it. After all, I have been wearing eyeliner since I could walk! I don’t need a security blanket or pacifier, eyeliners are more vogue! Oh and did I tell you someone asked if I was protesting, since I wore black? To which I replied, sweetly as always, “Oh this is so I can show off all of Mum’s old jewellery!” Hahaha. You really should have been around to see their faces. Splatt.

The DJ (yes, for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why there was one as it was so inappropriate) started to spin and loudly commented on the ceremony, guests, lights, plates, food and everything under the sun, to which I promptly despatched Abang Atan (yay!!!) to go and silence him before I went to shut him up myself, with some violent actions! Anyway he went quiet but started up again when the lights died. Hmmm this time, I did go over and threatened to shoot his brains out if he was going to turn the event into a stupid circus. Well, that was what I WANTED to do, but I AM your very well-behaved daughter and was not about to create a scene; besides which I didn’t have a gun anyway. Bummer. Now THAT would have been fun!

So all in all I think it went quite well. The newbie was friendly; she wasn’t obtrusive at all and let me have my lights and glamour! Oh well, I knew some people were surprised that I had not kicked up a major fuss (apparently I was entitled to, what a waste that I did not know of it!), seeing that I was the only daughter left, the youngest in the family AND plus the fact that I had not met her until that evening itself! Oh well, in order to make the event move-flow-whatever, nicely, and to SHOW that I was sane in mind and knew perfectly what was going on around me, I told Dad I’d take charge of the moneys involved in the customary gift. And I worked very well within budget too, with a lot of help from some very good friends. (Remember my friends from school, Mum? The boarding school ones lah. The ones I was so engrossed with on the first day of school that I didn’t bother crying when you left me there, when you were bawling your eyes out driving away with Dad in the car.. hee hee sorry Mum) They are still a bunch of very good friends, my sisters, and I am proud to state that you also managed to have met them and enjoy their (then) silliness. Shhh, Mum, don’t tell them I said silly ok, but we were, back then, all of us, and fun to boot! You would be very pleased to know that my friends have all grown up to be fine ladies with professions to be proud of, they manage homes, families, companies, hospitals, the army, the internet, the traffic (both on the ground and in the air, mind you) and fight for what we believe is right. Excellent people, you know.. and they are MY friends !!!

Ooh, I started talking about the Newbie and I veered off towards my favourite subject, ME! Oh well, SHE is OK I guess, of course expectations are never one-sided. But you know Dad. What, 65 years? Hehehe you loved complaining to me about his negative traits, simply because you wanted to announce the fact that you have been together for sooooo very long. Don’t think I didn’t know that trick! I can always spot them from a mile off, remember ? And this is not just about Dad and us adjusting to her, it is also about her accepting us all as we are, as we always have been. It always has to work both ways, kan? Well, as I have been saying every time, “Que Sera Sera” (I also remember you singing that song). My take on this all is to ADD to memories and adventures of our family’s life, not to remove and replace. There is no replacement as there never can be. And to compete with something that has already been, is simply pointless. New expectations can be set, but of course within reason. Easier said than done, I know, but I think you do see my point kan? No need and reason for theatrics lah in this case, ye tak? Buang karan je nanti pun..

Err, Mum, my fingers are now rather sore from the typing... so I hope you don’t mind if I stop here for now. There are definitely a lot more I want to tell you about, but I would probably write another time. So for now, just rest assured that everything will be fine, so not to worry. It just needs a bit of adjustment and changing the status quo from to Don’t worry if you think I’m not speaking proper English again, this is just me being playful. Which as always is what I enjoy when telling you stories. I miss doing that you know, telling you stories, exaggerating the scenarios, and hearing you and Nyah laughing and giggling your err, heads, off.. And I will be OK, Mum, InsyaAllah. Really. Don’t worry about me. Worst thing that can happen to me is that I’ll just simply have another nervous breakdown. Hahaha, that was a joke, Mum ! Relax will you?

Bye now, until next time, I love you!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

My Birth Month Quiz

You know the many tests and quizzes on Facebook? They can get to you, yeah? Well I did another one.. this was fun - there were a few questions (if I could fail, I think I would have, ha ha ha) and then the results came out -- tadaaaaa! Here goes.. and I obviously could not resist responding in my own fashion. Itchy fingers. Go on.. read it and see if you think this fits me. I mean, the Quiz's evaluation..

So I’m a May child and after some of the pertinent questions.. (the image is a bit blurred tho')

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Lippies Beautiful

My invisible freind saw my pouch on the table in front of me and got curious...
He asked what did I have in there ? So I said.. "Oh the usual stuff.." "You mean what you always bring to the office ?" "Nope, this is my travel pouch" "Oh Ok... So, what DO you have in there then ?"

"A couple of lipsticks, among other things", I said. I took out my 'couple of lipsticks' and didn't stop there ! Ha ha ha.. my 'couple of' turned out to be 6! He must have thought I was a freak :) oh but then I'm a girl, so there's nothing weird there. Now, If I Was A Boy.. now that would be different, kan ?

So here's what I had today (and will be so for a few more months probably)

Clockwise From top:
Estee Lauder - Pure Color 142 Bronze Idol
Clarins - Joli Rouge 717
Clarins - Colour Quench Lip Balm 06
Estee Lauder - Signature 35 Rich Red
Clarins Lip Colour Tint- 02
Clarins - Joli Rouge 705 Soft Berry

Nice colours aren't they ? The invisible one commented "If THAT's how many you have in your travel pouch.. I don't think I want to know how many you have at home... Scary !" Oh well, to each his own !! Ha ha ha

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Long Time No See

Wow... it's been really long since I last wrote. So, what's been happening ? A real lot !

End November : Project went LIVE !!!! Oh great ! Finally. Although we have only just one more module a bit delayed, the others went ahead as planned. Next will be the support phases, now as I'm writing this, the Warranty period has lasped for the main mods. Only left is the single module, until mid March.

December Mid to End : went on a fantabulous holiday with the whole family. Daddy came along ;) that's where the 'fanta' came from in fabulous! Hu Hu It was a tiring round but lovely none-the-less. It was KL-Dubai-Tehran-Esfahan-Mashad-Tehran-Dubai-Paris. Spent a week in Paris- 4 at the Disneyland Parc,and 3 in the city. Then it was Paris-Dubai-KL for us and Paris-Dubai-Tehran-Esfahan for my darling. Pics ? Ada.. Banyak !!! but have plonked it my Facebook pages.

January CNY holidays : Went back to Taiping to visit Daddy and attend a nephew of hubby's (son of his cousin) weddin. That was on Sunday noon. By 4pm kiddies and I were all (Daddy included) happily story-ing away with my Atam on his island home on SukaSuka Pulau Dang Lang in Chenderoh ! Blissful 2 nights there of Kayaking, enjoying the water, marvellous food and family. There were unplanned family joiners - initially was supposed to be just me, kiddies and Daddy. Then Acik heard we were there, and decided to join 6-strong from Ipoh, and then Abang Long also decided to stop-over to see his Dad. They were 4-strong. All together that Monday night saw 4 generations of Haji Abdul Manaf on the island, with 14-people on board ! Now this one I have photos of, also on Facebook - but will post one of the family here :) Too bad Nyah's group couldn't join us there although they very much wanted to.

I got sun-burnt soooo bad from this lovely holiday. Although I'm not so bothered by the fact of how I look. The skin was still burning when I got back to work, so decided to soothe it with a Fruit of the Earth's Aloe Vera Gel that I bought. Unfortunately I am not partial to Aloe Vera, natural or otherwise ! I developed a very bad allergic reaction and my face was all puffed up and broke out. My arms and legs too suffered, pratically everywhere the gel was applied ! Oh well. So now I know better :)

Haji Abdul Manaf 4 gens - on SukaSuka Homestay on Pulau Dang Lang, Tasik Chenderoh, Kuala Kangsar

Post CNY : The mood to work still needs a little bit of boosting apparently.. Ha ha and plus the fact that the pace in the office is kinda slow, everybody's back from projects gone live and the place is again full of people ! and you can bet that laughter is everywhere... I got stuck at home on Thursday - haha my auto gate gave way and I couldnt get the car out to work. Luckily we could get one gate open, so the kids managed to get to school as usual when the driver came to pick them up. Me ? Worked from home the morning, until the specialist/consultant came to fix the gate and cajoled Rm480 out of me (it was already agreed actually). No, I don't usually keep a lot of cash with me, it's just that I dropped by the bank the night before to withdraw money to pay off my cred cards.. So a zoom-zoom off to work in a relatively jam-free environment.. Yahooo !

Today : Hmm Today. What has happened today ? Normal routine -
0900 hrs - KakDa and Atief go for their Taekwando session
1030 - Arief goes for his Taekwando session and KakDa and Atief come home from theirs
1200 - Fetch Arief.
1230 - Lunch
1400 - Mum sits to start composing idiotics on her blog :)

So the rest of the day will be spent mostly lazing/cleaning/lazing. I have the TV on and they're showing Taboo on Nat Geo, I suppose in conjunction with the upcoming Val's Day. This programme's about people and their loved ones who are serving time in prisons allover the world. But the stories are mostly of Westerners. Hmmmm.

Planning to watch Pink Panther 2 tonight at the TGV in Sunway. Have booked teh tix online. The boys say they want to come too, so we'll meet up there around 8:45pm. The show's on at 9:40pm. Tomorrow will be a lie-in... hu hu hu !

Now.. my eyes are getting sleepy. I hope I can put in a bit more in before I doze off...

Today's Prayer Times