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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Really ? Maybe la kot..

Some one asked me recently, why is it that I have not been diligently updating my blog. Well, a lot of reasons actually. A lot of happenings, a lot of events, a lot of occasions, and definitely WORK. Someone did also ask me if I wrote only when I was unhappy. Well, maybe that could be true!

I tend to write more when I feel that I don't have anyone I can talk to I suppose. But I DO have a lot of friends (yes, they ARE friends, people whom I can call on even in the middle of the night - THAT kind) but sometimes I obviously cannot impose. They have their own things to do too, and they need their beauty sleep!

So a summary of whatever has been .. yeah I get ticked off for that too unfortunately! But this is all I can manage for now, so this is what I will write!

Debot - Little Gedebot or 'Deb' - he's a boy kitten so sometimes he's 'Debboy' to me - has grown quite well. Rather independent now, I must say. His mum started neglecting him a couple of weeks back and he used to cry a lot, but he's doing sooooo much better now. Got him his personal stash of Kitten Whiskas, but I guess Soda's Adult ones are still more attractive! Drinks a lot though, and can finish a tray of water in about 5 minutes. Don't ask me where it goes to....

Ninja and Boy, the turtles - Ninja's a girl and when we got back from Iran after 2 weeks, we were pleasantly surprised to see that Ninja had actually grown to triple her original size! She is now Huge.. well compared to Boy. And she eats. A lot. A WHOLE lot...

My reunion! It was brilliant! What more can I say? I think around 90 of us managed to make it to the function room of KClub in Melawati, and that was out of our original of 202 people. Is that fantastic or what? Well, 2 couldn't make it, if they did, I'm not sure what the reaction would have been... as they had left us earlier for the afterlife... I managed to get there late and fashionably missed my 'batch hunt' hit where they tried to guess who I was by the clues fed by the committee. I heard that the clues were kinda embarrassing, so I figure it was a blessing that I didn't get there on time! Wonder who won the prize for guessing, as somebody actually did guess correctly ! hahaha Well anyway, imagine 90 girls running around (madly) and greeting each other (excitedly), with Chilli Red as the theme of the event.. This was the 30th year reunion of the 1st all-girls batch of MRSM Seremban, the batch 79-83. 2nd Batch, 2nd Generation and proud to be Ansara! A lot of lost connections got re-established and memory lanes were casually strolled down. *Sigh*.... it was soooo good that we continued to have mini re-unions after that day. Not that we didn't have them before *wink* hahaha

THE W.e.d.d.i.n.g.... This happened last weekend, the 18th of July 2009. Which prompted me to write to my Mum to tell her all about it. Oh well, I have a lot to say but not much to say, all at the same time. It will take time from Denial.Com to get to Acceptance.Com.. the progress bar is still moving, no worries there, albeit slowly hahaha New member to the family which has old habits and even older members. Que Sera Sera. The next test will be EidlFitri. That will be another grand event, I bet! Oooh a mini-gathering will happen this weekend, at another wedding of some people from a generation more 'current' *grin* a cousin's daughter will be getting married this Sunday, and Dad and the Newbie will be arriving Saturday. And will put up in my house, no less. I wouldn't want Dad anywhere else, I still need to keep an eye on him *wink* oh babble babble babble, yeah Mum, I know. Either I talk about it properly or stop yapping with just vague unintelligible hints here and there. I'll do the latter. NOW. Thanks, Mum *hugeeeeee grin*

Durian party! Yes, we managed to have one last weekend, and I too managed to secret away one Durian just to make Serawa Durian! Mind you, no coarse white processed sugar in it, only Gula Melaka, a little bit of water, a pinch of salt and 2 packs of Santan Kelapa pekat! What, Low-Fat Santan? What are you talking about? *grin* Pure unadulterated yummy FAT and CHOLESTEROL... I must say I was very giddy after that.. So the Serawa was eaten with Roti Putih. I had bought 3 long packs from Tesco the day before and Dad went and bought One more long one as he only saw One hahaha. Oooh that was delicious. Atam had to abandon the cooking of the pulut to go with the Serawa as it was already half-gone even at the time of the idea! Durian, Rambutan, Manggis, Mangga (courtesy of Suhaimi and Mrs from next door) and some Mata Kucing I bought from Tesco. I'm not going to bother with explaining the Malay-oriented words I have used. If you can't undertand it, please do look it up in a dictionary. A bit too lazy to embellish.

So what next? My aspiring Pilot (wonder if that still applies) is leaving for Miri tomorrow to go back to school. He needs to finish up 2 more papers before he can move on to the next level. My Sweetheart will be flying back to Esfahan on Friday, and I am so-very-the-upset-one as I cannot send him to the airport as due to work commitments. KakDa's Phantom event will take place Friday evening - not that I'm good for anything except to fetch her after the show :) hey, Friday is still a work day! And then I have the weekend to look forward to, that will keep my mind off things a bit - Dad's coming over, both my Atams will be here, Saturday Golf Class, Atief's Reading Tuition, Adek's whining because he's bored when Atief's away at Tuition, Sunday Wedding event (ponteng the Taekwando again for the 3 young'uns). If all else is done, then I have to comfort myself in the fact that my friends update their facebook status every 5 seconds and the others will reply immediately as if they have nothing better to do, and I can read and follow and contribute on the numerous threads. Still, if all else fails, then I have my Farm on Farm Town!! heh heh heh

That pretty much sums it up I guess. I will probably just jump and plonk in bits of (useless) information from time to time. Depends on how stressful the story is ! Until then, no pictures for now :P


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