Thursday, 17 September 2009

Salaam EidlFitr to all!

My rendang is ready (although it's halved this year - not due to the economic downturn but limited as to the size of my kuali (wok) hehehe), my baju kebaya(s) are ready... no the bags are not yet packed, but will be by tomorrow! Oooh, it's not just the children who are excited, me too, especially since my Sweetheart will be arriving home tonight. So KLIA, 9:30pm, here we come!! Tomorrow night will herald the arrival of our Pilot project, the Prototype :) another trip to the airport, LCCT this time - another sahur outside on the cards !

To all friends, family, colleagues, 'distant' friends (you know who you are)... whatever the differences we may have had are just that, differences. We are still similar in a whole lot of ways (I'm cool, you are too; I'm nice, you are too; I'm stubborn, well aren't you too? hehehe) THAT is why we do agree and also disagree on things. But they are just that. And should not be taken too much to heart. I know that I have removed a lot of the heartache caused by some stupid disagreements, simply because I felt that the heartache of losing a long-time dear friend is more painful, don't you think? So no matter who is/was at fault, let it slide. You and I were both right and we both deserved our air-time. Start fresh and keep a momento of the past as a memory for our future, to tighten our bonds even more. Hey, bottom line, my friend, I love you !!!

I will miss the ones who have left us.. may their souls be blessed with our continued prayers until our time to join them.

So after this sermon of mine on a Thursday morning (one day earlier than that of my usual), I wish all a happy holiday this season. Travel safe, enjoy the company of our family and friends. If you have to spend EidlFitri this year away from the homeland, please don't feel sad. It is in our hearts that we have each other, and that we take with us for as long as we live :)

Selamat Hari Raya EidlFitri to all !!

a not-so-recent family picture but this has us all nicely together :)

May 2019, let's go!