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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wait a while, Papa

"Where are they, my daughter?"
Your eyes softly question
"Why are they not here?
Have they already forgotten?"

"They will come, Papa dear,
Be here soon, they ought to,
For now you have me near,
To love and care for you"

"Do they already know,
That a part of my journey has begun?
I really have to go,
Before the setting of the sun"

"Wait a while, Papa,
They are near,
Wait just a little while, please Papa,
They will be here"

"Give them 20 more minutes,
And I promise you,
They'll be here in a bit,
My words are really true"

And wait you did do
For them to appear
By your side to bid you
And bring you cheer

Gratified that I was
You granted my plea
Not realising, alas
The last, it was to be

No more can I ask of you
Even if we do not so will it
Nothing more on you to do 
Your minutes with us replete

And with Bismillah and Shahadah
We had to let you go
To fulfill your promise to Allah
We can wait not a second more

Your journey through life
Filled with faith and honour
Integrity, honesty, against strife
Our model forevermore

Not yet five years had passed
I'm still learning to hope
That grieving won't last
Now I must learn to cope

All that I can offer now, Papa
Are my prayers for your well-being
May you be granted Jannah
InsyaAllah, with all His blessings

Emma Abdul Manaf • Wed Mar 13, 2013 2100hrs • Kelana Jaya

I see you

Can I just run away?
To where the skies are never black or grey,
..where the sun shines just slight,
..neither too dull nor too bright..

Can I then just be,
..allowed to dance and smile happily,
..with no cares and no sorrow,
..and no worries of tomorrow?

But then, all will be in vain,
..when the heart still feels pain.
For sad memories and time,
..can never be erased with rhyme

Your life contribution, they still cling, attestation to your being,
- A confirmation of your presence.
- A proof of your essence.

As yet again,
..with a sigh...

I see your shadow in the light
..I hear your silence in the riotous noise

But when I look to see and listen to hear,
you are far, and nowhere near

Emma Abdul Manaf - started 10:07pm Mar 8, completed 3:36pm Wed, Mar 13 2013 - Subang Jaya

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