Sunday, 8 July 2012

A prayer

It never is easy
To put on a front
That everything's rosy
That everything's fun

It never is simple
To keep a smile on your face
When someone's being feral
Without care or grace

It never is fine
When they just let things fly
And not toe the line
Yet expect you to comply

But I know in my heart
I will pursue
My faith is secure
My honour is true
My life in His hands
With His grace I endure
That I may go through life
With His blessings, forevermore

 ~ Have patience... You know who you are :) ~

Emma Abdul Manaf • Sunday 8 July 2012 0900hrs • Kelana Jaya

Thursday, 5 July 2012

In Memory

When I awake to see
That you are no more with me
And then strikes harsh the reality
Of you, now just a memory
Beautiful faces, beautiful places
A heart to gratify, I think of days gone by

 ~in memory of Mak 6 July 2007~
 Emma Abdul Manaf ~ 5 July 2012 1000hrs ~ Kelana Jaya

May 2019, let's go!