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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Goodbye, Soda. RIP. Dec 2007 - 6 Aug 2009

Soda - I named him that when the children came up with numerous suggestions - I can't even spell them! - after we'd stopped at MacD's on the way home from Sg Besi. I got a Soda there and that stuck on him. He was not spayed, so we obviously had to content with his Spats and Sprays!

Soda was a poor sight yesterday, hardened tummy and tired. I checked on him last night and he wasn't too comfy, but he was still in a mood to growl when little Debot messed with his tail. I put him partially on an old towel in case he felt too cold on the terracotta and chatted with him while he was horizontal. Obviously got an earful from Mama, as always, on why had he not stayed home like Mama told him to bla bla bla. With insight from past not-so-comfortable similar experiences, I whispered to him gently that if he felt he needed to go that night, it would be okay with me. However, if he would like to wait a little bit more, then I will come home at lunch time to take him to the vet. He slept the night in the washing yard, peacefully I hope, at least with as much peace as little Debot would let him have.

Morning came with little Debot noisily calling at my door. Eh? I thought I locked them both at the back? I got a bit worried when when Soda was not on the towel I gave him. Trailing Debot, I found him on the floor in the bathroom downstairs. He greeted me with a small Meowww? and I asked back how he was feeling. Another small Meooowwwww and pointedly licked his lips. I got a bowl of water and put it next to him. He promptly got up to drink and looked a bit satisfied although still tired. Little Debot was surprisingly good company, only darting to play around my skirt, but sits quietly in the bathroom next to Soda when he's done playing. I had to leave for work, it was around 7:20am, the children had just left for school. I told Soda that Mama will come home at noon, so wait for me OK? A feeble Meow and I think it was a hint of a smile. The vet would only open at 11.

Took the DUKE and arrived home at 12. Good timing, I thought. No traffic. Straight in to look for Soda. Little Debot pounced on me anxiously when I opened the kitchen door, meowing furiously. Thought he was hungry, ushered him to his food bowl, instead he ran to the bathroom and waited. He was on his tummy next to Soda. And Soda was not looking good at all but still managed a small Meow. I spoke to him but he was too tired to answer back. I asked him for a small wag, he obliged with a tiny, tiny flutter of his tail. Mama's going upstairs to get you my kain batik, so I can wrap you in it while we drive to the vet, OK? I put Debot in the back - he was not too happy at being locked up. And off I went and got my red sarong. I wrapped Soda in it like a little baby - he loved it when he was small, cuddling in a sarong - and carried him out front to the car. I stopped short when I sensed something was so not right. Little Debot was wailing sadly high-pitched in the back, I could hear him through the back kitchen opening. I decided to just sit in front near the door and continued cuddling my Soda. He was getting ready to leave..... And that was how he did go, the same way I brought him home from Kalam's when he was small, he left at 12:30pm with Mama still cuddling him close.

My photo-loving model cat, battle-weary and tired, my little hero of the neighbourhood. You held your own against your adversaries, but lost to an unseen group of soldiers who attacked your digestion system. Life's never fair, I know. So sleep now, little one, there will no longer be anyone or anything to bother you. Mama will miss nagging you about your nightly adventures. Goodbye Soda, I know we will all miss you in our own little way.

In his prime! and a smile, to boot..
aaaahhhh... see all behind bullet-proof protection. driver ? let's move !
or this one, i think..?


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