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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Lippies Beautiful

My invisible freind saw my pouch on the table in front of me and got curious...
He asked what did I have in there ? So I said.. "Oh the usual stuff.." "You mean what you always bring to the office ?" "Nope, this is my travel pouch" "Oh Ok... So, what DO you have in there then ?"

"A couple of lipsticks, among other things", I said. I took out my 'couple of lipsticks' and didn't stop there ! Ha ha ha.. my 'couple of' turned out to be 6! He must have thought I was a freak :) oh but then I'm a girl, so there's nothing weird there. Now, If I Was A Boy.. now that would be different, kan ?

So here's what I had today (and will be so for a few more months probably)

Clockwise From top:
Estee Lauder - Pure Color 142 Bronze Idol
Clarins - Joli Rouge 717
Clarins - Colour Quench Lip Balm 06
Estee Lauder - Signature 35 Rich Red
Clarins Lip Colour Tint- 02
Clarins - Joli Rouge 705 Soft Berry

Nice colours aren't they ? The invisible one commented "If THAT's how many you have in your travel pouch.. I don't think I want to know how many you have at home... Scary !" Oh well, to each his own !! Ha ha ha


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