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Friday, 29 August 2008

Lunch and a Ghost Story..

Had lunch with an old friend at the Latest Recipe Restaurant (if I’m not mistaken it was formerly known as One on One) at the Le Meridien, in Sentral. It was a long-time-no-see and when-was-the-last-time-we-had-lunch-together lunch, which was wonderful!! After the usual how are you and how is work questions, we inevitably started talking about MY work life ! hahaha I only realised how bad it was for me when I said “Hey, what do you think it’s like when the highlight of my day at work is Where/When are we going for Morning Coffee/Lunch/Tea” ? OMG I never realised that was how pathetic it had become for me. I’d been feeling a bit dead lately, and not keen to go to work in the mornings. In fact, I actually have a big task of dragging myself out of the comfort of my bed/bathroom/bedroom/house every morning. My friend was shocked as I was known to be someone who was at work by 7:45am (I used to be the one to open the fire doors in the morning) and the last to leave (and close the fire doors behind me). Thinking of which, if there was no camera to record the visitors at the entrance, no one would know that the fire doors aren’t shut at night if I didn’t do it !

As to how late I usually stayed at work, I even remember this one occasion when I had an ‘encounter’ – I was working very, very late at night and all alone – was the only one there on my floor. I heard a cough somewhere near the copier, but I knew there wasn’t anyone else in the office. As the copier was next to the stairwell, I dismissed the sound as probably coming from a security guard making his rounds. I checked the time, it was getting close to the midnight witching hour. I still had a bit to do, the MD wanted it before 6am so he could start work on it (no kidding !!) So I just went on working on my report. Then I heard it again. This time, the cough was closer, like somewhere in the cubicle in front of mine. Checked the time again on my desk clock, 1:30am. Oh well. I had WORK to do, didn’t I ? 2:00am and the cough this time was next to my left ear !.. My hands froze. Hmmmm, how now, brown cow ? Oh well, feigning bravado (funny thing is, I had no visible audience hahahah), I said out loud, “Ok, Ok… I know it’s late and that I should get myself home, but I do have work and Bala is waiting for this, and it is important!! Just let me finish this tab and I’ll pack up after.” So I feigned work a bit (can you honestly work any more ? hahaha) shutdown my laptop, calmly put it in my backpack, cleaned my desk of papers I don’t need, walked over to my Manager’s room, switched off her lights and printer which I was using, locked her room door, switched of the lights at my place, walked out through the training room, switched off those lights and the ones at reception, walked out the glass door (coolly, mind you), shut the fire doors, walked down the corridor to the other fire door, went through that, and RAN LIKE HELL !!! I think if the whatever was watching me, he must have laughed his head off (or any other part of his body that is still there, that is).

I have had other encounters similar to that while working in different areas of that office, but this was the funniest. One thing I felt (or is it just me :P ) is that the whatevers are harmless. They have never had any bad intentions towards me – they have been rather cordial and friendly – keeping me awake, reminding me to go home etc. So my take on it is that I have been lucky that none have ever harmed me (well, maybe one had bad interntions but respected when I scolded…). They are there whatever they are and they share our space. Maybe it was just their way of letting me know that they want THEIR quality time hahaha

Oh where was I ? I went off at a tangent !! A large one ! Well it’s my blog, and I obviously can choose to write about whatever I want, yes ? Okay to recap my lunch, I was asked to consider if I would like to join my friend instead of fattening my behind at whatever I was doing now. But of course it has to be agreeable and acceptable both ways. The idea of me joining has to be presented to both our respective Managers (the Ops manager and My Darling Sweetheart hehehehe) and also must be a win-win accomplishment (I want to go for my December holiday and that is when work is expected to peak !!) So we’ll see how it goes, should know by next week on the outcome.

Wish me luck ? :D


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