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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Ouching day

Woke up with a bad throat today. Feels sore. After a bad night where I couldn’t sleep, I figured something like this would happen. My left thigh hurts too, when I walk or even sit. My eyes are heavy and warm on the inside. All the aches and pains seem like a sign that there’s more to come ! Oh well, after the soaking that I got yesterday, I suppose this is expected. I just hope that when Ramadan actually arrives, I will have no problems.

Got news yesterday about my old work-place getting eaten up by Infosys, a huge India outfit. They are buying Axon CASH… read about it here or just Google “Axon Infosys” and you’ll get at least a dozen more news articles. Had lunch with some of my old friends from Axon yesterday and as things go, they’ll just wait and see what else will happen. It was a good lunch with them at the Thai restaurant, and since they graciously exclaimed “Eh, you are so much thinner now lah ?!” upon first chance of meeting me, I decided to pay for their lunch !! Ha ha ha

At the same time, I met a few other old friends from the same place.. great to see them. Linda, who decided to shop for groceries while her car was being cleaned, and a couple of others. One who had just got engaged on 08.08.2008 (Congrats Neeza, sorry I couldn’t be there with you on your special day) and a lovely surprise in the form of Nur Iman Irdina (I hope I spelt that correctly) who officially reverted to Islam on the same day ! Wonderful news and I pray that she will find the solace she seeks and that Allah will continue to guide her and her beloved family.

No pictures, unfortunately, as they girls were looking a bit forlorn with the news and probable uncertainties that life just might present for them in the future. I thought it would not be good form to publish pictures of them when they are not expecting to look their best..

oh well. that's life.


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