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Monday, 4 August 2008

These Boots are Made for Walkin' !!

I went home tonight and got a very pleasant surprise - my knee-highs arrived a day earlier than anticipated ! I ordered it via Desmond of Nethill (look him up under - he's got more stuff there) last Thursday and it only took a couple of days for delivery. I've ordered books off the internet, and only recently tried anything more intimate (read that as requiring a proper fitting if you ever buy it from the Mall!). So far the ones requiring 'fitting' were usually a bit larger than expected. So I'm sure you can imagine that I was rather apprehensive at what my next purchase adventure would be like ! I was willing to take a chance because the price offered were extremely reasonable to me..

Here's a picture of the boots I got off the internet. It's clearer than the pics I took myself, and I don't want you to miss the detailing in the front...

The corset lacing detail at the front of Aerosoles sumptuous Martial Part tall boots is sure to draw some admiration.
  • Nicely cushioned footbed
  • Full side zip entry for easy on and off
  • Heel: 2-¾”
  • Height: 14-½”
  • (got that description off the SierraTradingPost site)

    Some of the reviews have also listed them as Sexy Wear-Anywhere shoes.. It is really comfortable and I got it in black (it also comes in brown, apparently, but not where I got them from). The seller was selling it at a steal on the internet, for something in suede. They were in great condition and is very obviously new. It's in suede but with some synthetic lining, can be a bit warm but who's complaining ! My only grievance would be the pointy heel, I prefer thicker squarish heels that provide a little bit more base, but these 3" ones are comfortable. I can't wait to wear them to work (and show them off.... ha ha ha ha). This pair is actually very similar to a pair I'd bought at Matalan in Staines around 2004-2005. Same style, in black suede, pointy front with a little bit of "cut-off" design, but minus the lace-up detailing. I'll post a picture of that pair hopefully soon, even if the heels are rather scuffed and worn as I even wear them when driving.

    I tried them on the moment I got home last night (obviously couldn't wait) - having worn the scuffed pair earlier. So switching to these were great for a fashion shoot as I can see exactly how it looks with my skirt! I did take a couple of pictures - here they are but rather blurry.

    I have been yet reminded again that I have not shown-off my collection in pictures... OK OK.. soon I hope ! I am a bit lazy to arange them all and then snap pics of them althugh I should do it in order to keep track of what I have. My collection of boots so far I think are numbering 11 with this one (not counting those that I have given away), but I can' t really be sure.... I really have to stock-take and do a proper count! So if you don't already know then... I simply love boots !!!

    I hope the pictures are clear enough that you can see the ribbon detail on the lace-up.. the ribbons are in velvet and they don't actually open up at all. It's really a for-show-only thing. So if you have rather heavy calves, these may not really be ideal for you as it has side zippers and can't really expand much more. Very calf-hugging.

    Next on my list - another pair of lace-up boots, this time on the back part of the calves. Any one has any idea where I can get them ? They have to be just about 3", can be pointy or square-toed, leather/suede, black preferred (I can still do dark brown) and most importantly.. less than RM120 !! Oh, that can be before postage and delivery....


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