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Monday, 4 August 2008

Look East - O'shima in the Hicom Area

Went to lunch last week - I was craving for Japanese - nothing fancy though. There's this place (there were 3 actually!) around our workplace, and it was definitely catering to the large Japanese community working in the area, near the Shintetsu premises. The first one we went to looked really really really authentic, but I quickly noted a 'Non-Halal' printed on the menu, so we excused ourselves. They smilingly nodded understanding.

We decided to go to the one on the corner - 'Oshima' - couldn't check out the middle establishment as it was closed undergoing repair work. The four of us - R, Naf, Rie and I had a marvellous time picking out what we wanted to have. R went with his usual Sushi Set (he's been there a few times). Naf decided to try the Salmon Teppanyaki ('Yucky' went his face when he found the veg too raw for his taste). Rie loved Udon and Tempura and lots of Wasabi - so however the Udon and Tempura tasted it did'nt really matter as the Wasabi kept him occupied enough. I had the Chicken Teppanyaki (or something !) and was a bit disappointed with it as it was salty ! Too much kicap cair methinks..

what I had for lunch.. loved the Miso soup, but still too salty for my taste

I would probably go there again - for the other menu !! Ha ha ha.. Imagine a Japanese restaurant - authentic la, of course - got real Japanese people serving you, Japanese cutlery, beautiful Japanese decor.. - and having an alternative menu of TOM YAM ! Go figure...

You do have to give them some credit in respecting local tastes and flavours... or is it that the proprietors consist of people who married the two customs (adat) together when they took their vows ? I have heard of a lovely couple on the East Coast, the wife is a Japanese (nurse ?) and the husband is a Kelantan batik entrepreneur. They are living happily in a culture that they both love and will cherish. They do intend to ensure the cultures they have are lovely inheritances for their children.


jetc said...

Serving TOM YAM at a Japanese restaurant? That's new.
From the picture, it looks like a nice dinner.

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