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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Durian oh Durian

I have always loved durian. Eaten fresh from the kulit, with santan and nasi, buat kuah pengat durian with santan and gula melaka.. Yum !! Also like durian ice cream and the cake variant. Teringat when I was about 7, went to my neighbour's birthday party. Came home gushing to Mum about how lovelythe cake was - durian cake ! Mum called up Auntie S and asked her for the recipe and baked me one - but I said it tasted different, and it wasn't the same one. Well it obviously was not THE same one !

Had some durian last night, Zahir wanted to eat the last one that we had and he got makcik to open it up. He finished the last piece just as Abtif asked for his ! Ouch.... And Adik said he had not had any either.. hee hee so told Zahir to drive out to the main road near the masjid to buy some more, and to ajak Tok to pick. Off they went and brought home 4 big ones. And he returned me the Rm50 I had given him - Tok belanja durian tonight!

2 of the durians were still young, kulit still hijau and tak nampak pun the belah yet.. so it was the pisau for them. That's when i got my durian thumb - got poked by the thorn of the big one. My bad - i should have 'smacked' the torns down earlier before attempting to open any of it.. but the durian flesh was yummy ! no 'gas' though, these were the siamese variety. The Malaysian ones would be more 'gassy' = yummy ! So Bapak had his fill of durian with rice - made some santan for him and he added a sprinkle of sugar to go with it. And malam ? He cannot tidor because too 'panas' hahaha I made sure I had some water in the 'kulit' durian - put drinking water into the skin cavity where the durian flesh used to be, and drink the water. This is a 'petua' ( loosely translated as 'wise action as practiced by the elders and handed down as advice') for reducing the heatiness in the body caused by eating durian.


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