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Saturday, 9 August 2008

From Our Heart to Yours

Happy 40th Anniversary - Ayah Pa and Wan Fuziah

Got them this as a gift for their anniversary. I had a pretty gold-coloured card with a single heart swirl motif on it to go with the box of pretty cupcakes. In my haste I forgot to get a pic of the box all ready with it's gold ribbon and card on top.. I had written in the card "From our heart to yours, Happy 40th Anniversary !" and then on the envelope "Selamat Pengantin Lama" hee hee couldn' resist that..

Look at the cuppies - pretty are'nt they ? I commissioned Fuzzy to bake the cuppies, decorate and arrange them in a heart pattern - I actually re-arranged the heart when I added a layer of cake board to stabilise the base, and funnily enough when I put back the cuppies, there were 3 reds left over... So I put 2 in the 'garden' area, and then the single one left - got eaten by one of my boys ! I only know they were chocolate cakes, and lovely butter cream (licked my fingers after the re-arranging haa haa..) Taste - I don't think my boy was a good commentator - he just said "MMMmmmmmmm!" oh - if you want to have a taste of Fuzzy's cupcakes, go visit her blog - I have it listed under my Friends in Need.

The night was wonderful - most of the family was there. Everybody was all over the place greeting aunties, uncles and cousins. The children were having a ball as usual as nobody really minded them running around. After all it was a family event ! I wish I could post pics of the event, at least mine.. I'll have to wait for the official photographer to publish them somewhere first. Soon I hope, I can't wait to see my posed 'naturally candid' shots :)


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