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Thursday, 17 July 2008

"Aku tak dengor ??!!"

“Ma !. cepat call Tok. Tok dah ilang mana entah”

“Alaaahai, Tok gi mana ? Tadi kata nak suruh Abang bawak pergi Tabung Haji ?”

“Tu la, Abang turun lepas shower cari Tok takder, dia dah pergi Tabung Haji dulu jalan kaki”

Abang kat mana ni”

"Kat Tabung Haji la. Tok takder sini”

“Ok you go back home and re-trace the route. Mama try call Tok lagi.”

“Abang kat mana ?”

“Kat rumah la, did like you told me to do”

“Tok ada tak ?”

“Takder aaaa..”

“Mama dah call banyak kali Tok tak jawab. Tok tu bukan dengar sangat kan…“

"Adoiiiiii how laaaa niiiii“

“Jap. Makcik kata Tok cakap nak jalan sendiri tu Tabung Haji. Okay. You go to Tabung Haji now and find Tok”

"Tadi kan Abang dah pergi, takder.."

"Go now, cepat. To the office belah depan tu”

“I don’t know where it is !”

“Ingat tak tempat Mama ajar Abang parking kereta tu ? Tempat buat 3-point turn tu ?”


"Yang tu kat belakang. Pergi the other side facing Angkasa building, the office is there. Tanya la orang kalau tak jumpa !”

“So….how ?”

“Dah. Jumpa dah. Tok jalan kaki datang sini…”

“So did you ask him why he didn’t wait for you ? “


“What did he say ?”

Apa dia ? Aku tak dengor ??!!

“Hee hee hee”

We were panicking like anything because we couldnt find him. Worried because he is 86 and his hearing is not good. Not very sturdy on his feet as he would like to be... but his simple regular answer to my son's question can only make us shrug and smile .. Oh well ! He's safe - that is all we want to know ! Lessons learnt again and again ? Punctuality. If he says he wants to leave at 10am, and you are not ready by then, too bad for you !


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