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Thursday, 3 July 2008

New toy... :)

I got me another new toy today.. Set me back by Rm49, but okay la kan, for 4GB packed into the small bugger ! Courtesy of my Invisible Weightlifter Friend, who was at Low Yat today. Nasib baik dia nice enough to oblige to buy for me. Nak tunggu i get myself over to KL City Centre... errr not sure when la kan ! Probably by the time that I actually got myself there, the price would have dropped to RM15 (read that as being almost obsolete.. or me too old to move fast enough)

I like it because of the cover. It just needs a flip, and I won't lose it, that's why. Imagine having a USB thumdrive with no cover. It doesn't mess up the data but it just looks ... well, incomplete. So here I am with this baby blue (okaylah, almost turquoise) piece. Would have loved it in purple, but that's the 2GB one.

Here's a shot of it... Don't anyone tell me that it's fake, not that I really care anyway!!

Thanks, my friend! Next time I belanja you Persia kat AmpWalk la kot ha ha ha bila la tu yer....

Tot straks all

happy happy happy day :D


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