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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Wow.. it's been more than a month !

It's been so long.. So many things have happened - and DIDN'T happen! Happy happy happy - the new dining table has arrived, to replace the old one. Got it in the same fashion, round and extendable so it can accomodate the whole family when we go home for Eid. Dad wanted to keep the old one "Still in good condition, la !" I said no. It's time to let go. You can donate the top - that is definitely still good, but the supporting bits are in terrible shape. Someone keeps on saying "ooh we can just repair this, bapak you have to do this, do that".. another someone always actually DOES the repairing so we can continuously use it, so I decided to just contribute to buy another one. The old one IS already almost 30 years old, after all ! Well-served and past it's time. Dad says, so is he..! he hee i said up to him lah to consider himself as what ever !

Sad sad sad - My sweetie couldn't make it home after all. His home Co's board meeting has been postponed indefinitely. Mad rush as he was supposed to fly home direct from AMS after his conference, tickets all ready. Imagine the mad rush to find tickets and accomodation to fly back to IFN on short notice! Bad enough the peeps at THR insisted that he get a visa to go to Europe on departure ! Malaysian passport holders DO NOT need a visa to go to Europe. Little did they know and wanted to understand ! A delay to the conference, obviously, even if they did compensate with a direct THR-AMS flight on KLM, with 3 seats allocated to him so he can sleep the night off; it was still a bad start, no ? Then it was a roundabout trip back to IFN being AMS-CDG-DXB(overnight)-THR-IFN.. fuh banyaknya codes.. I had my share of the action - did the online booking for my Sweetheart's stay in DBX. Good thing I wasn't yet asleep at that time. And since still not yet midnite, sempat transfer duit via MB2U sebab he had run out of cash. Abis nak makan kat DUbai kena pakai cash kan, as original plan he wud have arrived KUL by then !

Happy happy happy - went to visit little Justin of Emily and Chris for his full moon. The tiny one has gangly arms and legs and is seem to be on track to beat Mummy and Daddy at height and size. Congratulations, little one !

Sad sad sad - had a mad craving for Irani Kebab ! but the restaurant in YC Plaza is gone as the whole place is under reno, but happy
happy happy again because we found the place on Jalan Putra to compensate. Not so great, hoping for better but enough to satisfy us for now. The Zaffron Ice Cream pacified us .. a bit ! Lovely !

Oh well so many things to be thankful for and I can't write it all here. More bits and pieces later I hope!

Tot Ziens !!


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