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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Of soothing sounds..

I finally got the water fountain installed today !! After shopping around in Kota Damansara and haggling with the FOREIGNERS who were managing sales of the items (they wanted a total of RM750 for the same configuration but minus transport and installation... giler ker ?) - I finally found one that suited my budget - in a shopping complex !! Talk about shopping complexes being more expensive… Anyway there is this place called Sunflower Art and D├ęcor in Sunway Pyramid which has a white sandstone fountain on display in their shop. I liked it for its minimalist design – not much fuss there.

The price was also reasonably cheaper than anywhere else for the same design. I paid a total of Rm590.00 for the whole thing –

Water feature set 480.00

Delivery 30.00

Installation 80.00.

The water feature set consists of the 7-part sandstone fountain + water pump + lighting. They also provided some white stones and tested and adjusted the water flow. I used my own energy saving light bulb although they brought one with them.

So here are some pictures to show off for ! I haven’t completed the rearranging and deco as yet, only managed to put my pandanus bush together for now. I still need to get my wiring done up properly, put some white pebbles and rearrange the rest of my plants.

Before – marking the spot for the fountain with a wire planter holder. The pandanus bush looks like it's keeled over and died...

My new fountain close up – two tiered

Voila ! The water feature all done ! See the lights and my pandanus crop nicely arranged now.

Another view of my new fountain....

I hope to post more pictures of my little spot of heaven on earth soon, when it's all done. Ooh... happy happy day !!!

ps. eat your heart out, my invisible weightlifter friend ! :D


NIKO75 said...

hahahhahah.. wonderful piece of crap.. errmmm or art! heheh! makes me wanna get one of those myself... I want those!!!

emm emm said...

you wanna... what.. wanna crap or wanna fountain ? ha ha ha build the shaded partition and add the bench on your balcony-lah, it will look cool and serene-like..

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