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Monday, 7 July 2008

Abscess in the abyss

Feeling tired, depressed and down. My body is hurting.

"I think it's psychological, Doc. The way I'm feeling now is manifesting in my body as aches and pains. Problem is, I recognise it, but how do I tell it to go away?"
"No lah.. you have a genuine case of pain, else you wouldn't be coming to see me. I know it's not for an MC because you know I don't give them out especially to you ! Ha ha"
"Errrr... yer la tu.. you did give me an MC the last time I came, kan.. you forced me to take 2 days off"
"Oh yes, tapi yang itu was because you were in great pain"
"So now in not-so-great pain la kot ?"
"Ha ha... now I'm giving you Arcoxia for your frozen shoulder"
"Frozen shoulder tu amenda nye ? I tau frozen lamb je la Doc"
"Ish.. you ni. Your condition is called frozen shoulder. And it's affecting you at the joints as well where you feel the other pain"
"Yeah given my previous record, I thought I'd come to see you. Just in case it was coming back"
"Record mana ni ?"
"Yang kes abyss in my upper torso tu la..."
"Abyss apa ? Tu Abscess lah !"
"Alamak... ok Doc... he he he yer, yer.. abscess"

So I'm cleared of any abscess in the abyss problems for the moment. Have been told to exercise my shoulder gently and put heat compress on the area. Adoi. Still sakit even after the Arcoxia.

So to cheer myself up, I went to lunch in SACC mall. Tapi tak habis pun. Tak lalu nak makan bila ingat kan issue lain yang even more depressing. Oh well. I cleaned out the mushrooms and chicken in the pie, and left the pastry shell and fries. I finished the veges. The freshly prepared Orange juice was good. It helped to cheer me up a bit.


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