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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Two crazy Geminians

"Oit.. penat la tengok gambar kucing kau tu"

"Abis nak wat camner ? Aku balik dah letih aaa, mana ada time nak update blog.."
"Hah, baca blog aku latest haa, aku ada mention pasal keter ... and kau"
"Alamak.. aku dapat air time lagi dalam blog kau ? Ok Ok.. I'll update my blog as soon as possible.."
"Dah baca lom ?"
"Oi !  Kau citer pasal keter aku gak !  Aku ingat kau citer pasal keter baru kau tu ?  Aku pun lom blog pasal keter aku tu tau !"
"Nasib la, kau lambaatttt ! Ha ha ha..."

Thanks Niko.. you helped get my story out for me :D   If I had to wait for me, errrrrr... I would be probably too old to even read it to myself :P


NIKO75 said...

jeng jeng jeng! wait up for more entries from puan sri.. you should be able to post interesting photos without even hafta say a word.. photos speaks for themselves.. beleive me!

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