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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Goodbye my sweet

I remember this time last year

I barely noticed the flowers

Except for those by her bed

I barely remembered eating

Except when someone brought us food

I barely realised others

Except those who came to visit

I barely went home

Except to shower and change

I barely lost my temper

Except when they decided

To treat her as if she had already gone

She will go, yes she will

On her own time, at her own pace

As what she had agreed to

Until that time

She is mindful and aware

of everyone and everything

Her wishes, she made clear, we carried out

Her wants, she made obvious, we fulfilled

Her fears, she expressed, we understood

Her needs, we knew, we anticipated

The considerate planner as always

To be home where the heart is

To be ready for the Almighty

To be prepared for the last journey

At a time convenient

Goodbye my sweet

I miss you


Arrived June 7 1948

Departed 12 May 2007


NIKO75 said...

Hope you will be tough in handling situations like this.. nothing I can give.. just continuous support for you to be strong to go thru with life..

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