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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

One crazy Geminian at play

I have so many things I'd really love to talk about (note the absence of the word 'share' - this is afterall, one-sided!  I talk, you listen..). But I don't seem to be able to find the time to do it here.  Between work, running around my 4 juniors - one is no longer a valid junior in the house as he is old enough to go away to Uni, oooh Mummy forgets, he will be a junior again then ha ha! and generally maintaining the car(s), the kitten and the house.  Note also that the house is the last in the order of things !  So, when is there ever anytime ?

I can already hear someone "Oh you will, once you get addicted to blogging"  Hummmph... I actually started blogging (writing my 'memoirs', more like it was then called) about 10 years ago. Yup. I did. But I dont remember why I stopped, when I stopped, and where it was that I blogged !  The pages got eaten by a bigger co., and I lost track after the home PC got stolen. Oh well, so here I go again, and with a good friend to urge me on (more like drag me onwards haha) hopefully this time I will be a bit more consistent.

Now where was I?  Oh the list !  I DO have a list of things I want to write about.. and hopefully I will do them soon. So this is my plan... I am going to put the Titles down first, and hopefully.. hopefully I will spur myself to write quickly, so as not to be labeled 'blankie' ..

Until then... my list.. my list !!


NIKO75 said...

yeayyy.. puan sri is on track to come out with an exciting blog already.. Bring it on babe!

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