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Friday, 21 March 2008

Soda (Part 1)

This is my kitten.
His name is Soda.
Soda is 3 months old.
Soda is white with creamy streaks.
His mum is of Siamese descent.
Soda likes to play.
He loves to eat.
He likes to pose for pictures, as you can clearly see !
Soda is a trained army cat.
He loves to sneak on people and guerilla-attack them.
Good luck people...

more on this guy, later perhaps !


linalani said...

hi babe... finally found the time to drop in and read ur blog. cute kitty... and guess what? i have another five now, now that pochong has delivered... looking very furry all of them.. tell me if u want one...

take care emm and have a good day:X0X

emm emm said...

adoi... i dont think i can risk losing another round of them.. like the time the pakcik in the house opposite mine claimed that my cats were messing up his place - he does catering and cooks from his porch (illegally, oi!) and we had to get rid of them lovelies cos his wife threatened to hit them. but thanks for the thought anyway.. :D
wish i can get more pics up on my blog....

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