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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Many But None

I have words, many
But I am at a loss to say it right

I know what I want to say
But I fear it may come out wrong
I know what I need to say
But I fear it may sound too strong

To say that things will be alright
I don't really know for we haven't the sight
To offer the comfort of tomorrow
I can't guarantee we won't see sorrow

For once, I am subdued
My thoughts, confused
My speech, reduced
And I can only offer a slow smile

The hurt of today
I can't help but pray
That things will work out best, our way
And all I can say is it will take a while

Until the time when the words come out right
Until the time the pain subsides
We will continue to venture and explore
And through it all we will endure

We have to choose for how we tread
We are what we are from whence we were
From that distant past that we had shared
And through the all that brought us here

Emma Abdul Manaf • Kelana Jaya • 0920hrs Wednesday 16 January 2013


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