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Friday, 29 April 2011

Tell her

Tell her

you miss the melody of her name
after all this while is she still the same
the girl who struck out on her own
venturing into the world unknown?

is she the same, you said you'd care for
'til end of time, forevermore
you'll cherish her, because you do
for eternity, you love her too?

you found her again, that's what you said
searched for years, you stayed to wait
for her to magically re-appear
into your life, to have her near

you loved, and missed her when she went
you pined for her, upon no end
but when she's here in flesh and soul
are you brave enough to meet and hold?

her hands, so soft, you remember well
but not to her, you never did tell
what was in your heart that time, before
she went away to the land of yore

is she still the one that you desired
the one whom you had so required
as partner to your beating heart
until the day that you depart?

if yes then tell her how you feel
however much you love her still
before she disappears again
and you would have loved her all in vain

another chance may not be present
to have a go at a slice of heaven
to tell her truly how much you care
and why for her, you'll always be there

tell her do, give her the news
just let her know, what's there to lose?
after all these years, you never told her
for all you know, she might just remember

how much to her your presence meant
when spending time together then
sharing laughter and the tears
amongst the sadness, the hopes, the fears

the feelings that she had for you
may have been what you felt then too
but since you never said a word
so off she went, free as a bird

so tell her now, while she is here
how much you care, and hold her dear
you never know what she will say
her answer might just brighten your day

Emma Aman Shah - Wed 27 April 2011 8:00pm
Edited Fri 29 April 9:00am


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