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Friday, 5 September 2008

Not content being a Gemini, I'm also ESFP !

I was curious and (re)took a new Person
ality type test. I'd taken one sometime in late 90's in order to find a job area that was best suited to my personality then. I can't exactly remember what the results of that test were, but I don't think it would have strayed much from what I am today.

So, the results ? I am an ESFP. What's that then ? Ok, I'm putting my results description of What and ESFP person is like. They share the same description with an ESTP person:


Dominant Extraverted Sensing
ESTP & ESFP What is it like?

By Danielle Poirier
© copyright Rebel Eagle Productions

Extraverted sensing types are pragmatic and realistic with a zest for living life to the fullest by way of multiplying experiences. Always on the alert for what needs immediate attention or what m
ight provide a bit of action, excitement or entertainment, they engage quickly with their environment. They seek and enjoy freedom, are good-natured, direct, and tolerant and are often the ones who provide levity.

They have a way with dealing with people on a very equal platform and are not easily star struck. Rank, celebrity and status mean little when they are face to face with another individual.

On the job, they appreciate having the right tools and are quite ingenious at finding ways to fix and repair things with dexterity. They love variety and are curious and adventurous, enjoying the unexpected. Their brand of extraversion is one of deeds rather than words. As long as things are moving along, they are happy. They like to keep things simple and immediate, going with the flow. They are helpful in very concrete ways, providing the correct tools or specific service the person requires. They often have an uncanny ability to respond appropriately in cases of emergencies, often having excellent reflexes. They act without thinking. They also tend to have natural mediating skills.

They are attuned to the environment and the myriad colours, textures, sounds, beauty and the sensuousness of it all. They are quite graceful and agile while moving through their environment. They love having fun and if things are too quiet they may provide the entertainment or distraction. They learn by imitation and are keen observers. They teach through example. Their attention will always go towards whatever provides the keenest impression on their senses.

(You can access more info off the net if you Google with MBTI. I used the test result from the online test I took on Cognitive Style Inventory© most recent revision 12/12/06 - Ross Reinhold, INTJ The information that I have put here is just a bit to introduce the idea)

(Another extract on a summary for what an ESFP person is like from


For ESFPs the dominant quality in their lives is their enthusiastic attention to the outer world of hands-on and real-life experiences.
ESFPs are excited by continuous involvement in new activities and new relationships. ESFPs also have a deep concern for people, and they show their caring in warm and pragmatic gestures of helping. ESFPs are typically energetic and adaptable realists, who prefer to experience and accept life rather than to judge or organize it.


There you go. However, this of course does not define me as a whole ! There's still a lot to consider - the Gemini factor, the Wow! Factor (hahahaha), the alignment of the Moon and Stars when I was born, the Islamic Calendar date, the Gregorian Calendar date, Living and Growing environment, my Loves, Health, the Weather, the Feng Shui elements, and whatever Other Elements that a person is able to study and refer to. I am complicated and will always be. I will myself keep learning a new little bit of me everyday for as long as I live !

Come take my journey with me. Until I know who I truly am, bear with me !! :)


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